Eggheads quiz show is poached by Channel 5

Eggheads poached by Channel 5: BBC ditches 22-year-old quiz show but host Jeremy Vine reveals brainboxes will be back on rival channel as it tries win over older viewers

  • Jeremy Vine announced the move during his Channel 5 programme on Friday 
  • The programme began in 2003 and current host Jeremy Vine joined in 2008 
  • Prospective contestants encouraged to apply to take part during Vine’s show 

Quiz show Eggheads is moving from the BBC to Channel 5 as the rival channel tries to win over older viewers.

The popular game showm, which has been running since 2003, sees teams of contestants try to beat a panel of specialist quizzers in a test of their general knowledge.

Current host Jeremy Vine, who joined in the show 2008, announced the move during his own Channel 5 programme on Friday.

Quiz show Eggheads, which sees teams of contestants try to beat a panel of specialist quizzers in a test of their general knowledge, is moving from the BBC to Channel 5

‘The programme which I’ve presented for more than 10 years, Eggheads, one of the greatest quizzes in the history of British TV, is moving to Channel 5 later this year,’ he said.

Prospective contestants were also encouraged to apply to be on the programme during Vine’s show.

In a statement, Vine added: ‘I can’t wait to be reunited with the mighty Eggheads and see new teams try to take them on.

‘I’m sure fans of Eggheads will share in my delight that it has found a new home on Channel 5.’

Channel 5 commissioning editor Daniel Pearl said: ‘I’m delighted that Eggheads, one of the UK’s most loved quiz shows, has found a brand new home on Channel 5.

‘This is yet another step in the transformation of Channel 5 as it grows its audience rapidly.’

A BBC spokesman said: ‘We sometimes have to make difficult decisions in order to grow new shows and we would like to thank the Eggheads and host Jeremy Vine for their time on the BBC and wish them well with their next chapter.’


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