Grandson ‘sees ghostly image’ of a man doing dishes through window of deceased grandfathers house

Grandson sees ghostly image of a man doing the dishes through the window of his dead grandfather’s house – and no one was home at the time

  • Haunting image of figure in home of late grandfather was captured in Victoria
  • Figure appears to do dishes from the kitchen window to the surprise of family
  • Facebook users left shocked saying its the grandfather saying his final goodbye

A man has shared a ghostly image of a figure standing by the window of his dead grandfather’s empty home in Victoria. 

The haunting image was captured by a Ray White real estate agent who is selling the Port Victoria home after the owner, the man’s grandfather, had passed away.  

When the man posted the photos to Facebook on Tuesday, he said the house was empty when the photos were taken. 

‘When my pop passed away we had to sell his house in Port Victoria,’ he wrote.

‘The real estate agent took these photos and sent them to my mum straight away.

The house of the man late grandfather on a first glance shows no image of a ghostly figure (pictured)

‘There was nobody else at the property at the time’. 

The first photo shows a yellow ‘SOLD’ sign at the front of the brick house, with the left window open.

But the second photo shows a more haunting image of a slim figure positioned over the open kitchen window who appears to be washing some dishes. 

The man said when his mum sent him the photos, he immediately noticed the figure in the window. 

‘She sent me the photos while I was on the phone to her and I said “who is in the window?”‘ 

‘She freaked out and hung up on me.’

Up close, a figure can be seen to be washing dishing in the open kitchen window (pictured, left)

Up close, a figure can be seen to be washing dishing in the open kitchen window (pictured, left)

But the man believes the figure might have been a younger version of his grandfather.   

‘He was a bigger bloke but the figure looks slim so maybe it’s a younger version of him,’ the grandson guessed.        

Facebook users were quick to comment on the photograph, which now has more than 700 reactions. 

‘I think it’s your pop in the window, I’ve got a strong feeling it’s him saying his last goodbyes and saying he’s watching over you,’ one said. 

‘This really upsets me… does this mean I’m still going to be doing dishes after I die?’ Another wrote.  

A third said: ‘Oh wow scary. Congrats to the new owners.’


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