Harry Styles’ stalker, 26, is cleared of harassment

Harry Styles‘ stalker was today cleared of breaching a restraining order which banned him from contacting the One Direction star – after he allegedly messaged Styles on social media.

Pablo Tarazaga-Orero, 26, spent months camping outside the singer’s house, ambushed him when he went jogging, pushed notes and money through his letterbox and followed him to the pub.   

Tarazaga-Orero was banned from going within 250 metres of Styles or attending his home or any of his concerts after a judge imposed the restraining order in October 2019.

But he allegedly made contact with the singer over social media on December 22 – something banned under the terms of the order.

Tarazaga-Orero was today cleared of breaching his restraining order, with presiding magistrates arguing the restrictions were too ‘severe’. 

Pablo Tarazaga-Orero, 26, (pictured outside Hendon Magistrates Court in North West London, October 2019) stalked the singer’s house and ambushed him when he went jogging

The Spaniard was supposed to attend Hendon Magistrates’ Court in North London today but failed to show up because of ‘communication issues’. 

But magistrates dismissed the case after prosecutors acknowledged the restraining order was too ‘severe’ and offered no evidence in respect of the breach.

Prosecuting, Jagjeet Saund said: ‘The restraining order states. Not to contact directly or indirectly Harry Styles. And that’s really how it should end.

‘Then it goes on to say not to post any message or any other material on any web or any social media platform referring to Harry Styles. ‘

Defending Tarazaga-Orero, Yasmine Eshaghian argued the order was too harsh and told the magistrates her client thought he did not need to show up in person.

She said: ‘Entertainers also have the right to their private lives but that part of the restraining order is so severe. So I completely agree, I think it’s a very sensible idea (to dismiss).

‘We explained to him the matter was not going ahead.

‘He got the impression that he didn’t have to come so he is not coming.

Harry Styles seen on the film set for My Policeman on May 14, 2021 in Brighton, England

Harry Styles seen on the film set for My Policeman on May 14, 2021 in Brighton, England

‘I think he just got the impression the case was finished because he was told that no evidence was being offered so he thought – that’s it, done and dusted and so he is not coming. He did receive a letter from the prosecution that there would be no trial.

‘Also he doesn’t speak English very well. So he probably didn’t understand the difference between no evidence will be offered and you don’t need to go…’

Styles, 27, told how his ordeal began with an act of kindness on March 10 2019 when he offered Tarazaga-Orero cash to stay in a hotel after spotting him sleeping at a bus stop.

Giving evidence from behind a screen Harry told Hendon Magistrates’ Court he had seen Tarazago-Orero near his home in Hampstead, before he approached him and offered him food.

‘I thought it was sad that someone so young, that anyone was sleeping rough at the bus stop when it was cold.

‘I felt sorry for him,’ said the Brit Award-winner, who is worth around £50million.

‘That evening I pulled up in my car next to the bus stop and I offered him some money so that he could get a hotel or some food.’

Pablo Tarazaga-Orero (pictured outside court in July last year)

Pablo Tarazaga-Orero (pictured outside court in July last year)

When Styles asked him if he could get him anything to eat, he requested some edamame beans, which he found ‘a bit of a strange request’.

But he went to a vegan cafe where he bought a bag of wraps and muffins for the Spaniard.

‘I passed him the bag of food through the window, at which point he asked me whether I wanted to go to a restaurant to eat with him,’ said Styles.

‘I found it to be a little odd.

‘Something about it, his facial expression made me feel uneasy and it was at this point I realised there was something not quite straightforward about this situation.’

Styles informed his security team about Tarazago-Orero and they advised him to no longer engage with him.

But the musician would see Tarazago-Orero outside his home every day even after he was cautioned by police.

The star told the court he became certain he was specifically followed by Tarazago-Orero after he started seeing him in his local pub.

Tarazago-Orero was twice seen stuffing objects into the celebrity’s letterbox.

One note read told Styles he was sleeping outside and asked for the money he had been originally offered for the hotel.

‘I felt sorry for him but at this point I felt very uncomfortable.

‘It was the first time since living there I felt unsafe in my home’ said Styles.

He hired night security staff and had special locks fitted but the stalker tried to grab him while out jogging on 10 May.

Asked how he felt about Tarazaga-Orero the star replied: ‘I would like him to get some help.

‘I would also prefer to have no contact going forward with him, directly or indirectly.

‘I would like to feel safe again.’

The Spaniard, who has been in the UK for over six years told magistrates he became homeless in February 2019.

He said the musician had approached him as he slept on the bus stop bench, offered him cash and invited him to ‘have some fun’ at a hotel.

Tarazago-Orero, a Hare Krishna follower, swore on the Gita holy book when he gave evidence.

He said he told Styles that he could not accept money for religious reasons but the singer pulled out a bundle of notes and ‘tried to buy him’ after telling him: ‘Let us come to a hotel, let us have some fun.’

Tarazaga-Orero has not worked since arriving in the UK except helping at the hostel where he stays in central London and lives a ‘transient lifestyle’.

He was sentenced to a 12-month community order requiring 30 days of rehabilitation activity, and ordered to pay £335 in total including £250 costs.

Magistrates dismissed the breach of the restraining order today but did not change the wording of the order.

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