Hertfordshire police catch man speeding at 137mph on way to CINEMA

Reckless Range Rover driver, 33, who was caught speeding at 137mph through tunnel told police he was ‘late for the CINEMA’

  • Azzedin Khan drove aggressively, undertook cars and went through a red light
  • Officer in unmarked car near Hatfield tunnel thought car may have been stolen
  • Judge jailed Khan of London Colney for six months for dangerous driving along A414

A motorist who was caught speeding through a tunnel at 137mph told police he was late for the cinema.

Reckless driver Azzedin Khan was spotted driving a Range Rover at the dangerous speed along the A1 northbound near Hatfield by an officer in an unmarked car on November 9 2019.

Concerned, the officer followed the 33-year-old as he continued to drive aggressively, undertaking other cars and went through a red light.

Reckless driver Azzedin Khan told an officer he was speeding through Hatfield tunnel because he was late for the cinema (file pic)

When Khan from London Colney was stopped after exiting the Hatfield tunnel, he told the officer he was late for the cinema.

Today a judge at St Albans Crown Court jailed Khan for six months for dangerous driving along the A414.  

Prosecutor Stefan Weidmann told the court that Khan’s dangerous driving had been ‘egregious’.

He said: ‘He drove at astonishing speed, undertaking other cars and committed a blatant transgression of a red light. ‘ 

Mr Weidmann said an officer in an unmarked car saw Khan’s Range Rover driving so aggressively along the A414 at a quarter to nine in the evening that he thought the driver had stolen it or had been involved in a burglary.

He followed the car northbound up the A1, recording a speed of 137mph in wet conditions as he exited the Hatfield tunnel.

Mr Weidmann said when he was stopped, he gave the ‘staggering explanation’ that he was late for the cinema.

Khan appeared for sentence having pleaded guilty to dangerous driving. 

In 2010 he had been ordered to complete 280 hours’ unpaid work for dangerous driving.

Louise Heath, defending, said Khan was ‘extremely remorseful.’ She said that Khan, who was leasing the 2019-registered car, was receiving universal credit.

Jailing him for six months, Judge Richard Foster said: ‘You were driving your expensive leased Range Rover in a most dangerous manner.

‘It was obvious why the police thought you were escaping from a burglary or had stolen a car.

‘The risk of someone being harmed was extremely high. A custodial sentence is inevitable.’

The judge banned him from driving for 2 years and 3 months and ordered him to take an extended retest.


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