How to clip dogs nails with Woolworths reusable bag

Now THAT’S a doggie bag! Dachshund owner shares ingenious hack for clipping his stressed pooch’s nails

  • The pet owner cut holes in the green eco Woolworths bag for the puppy’s limbs 
  • Dachshund was suspended from patio roof inside the makeshift carrier 
  • The animal lover said it was the perfect solution for stressed out canines

A crafty pet owner has turned a reusable Woolworths shopping bag into a makeshift nail clipping apparatus for his stressed dachshund and in the process given new meaning to the phrase ‘doggie bag’.

The animal lover from Australia strategically cut holes in the green eco bag for the puppy’s legs and head to stick through.

He hung the bag which retails for 99cents from a metal hook on his patio to give him easy access to the pet’s nails. 

The creative hack captioned ‘this is how you clip the nails of your stressed out pets’,  was shared on Facebook on Friday, February 12. 

The stressed dachshund waits calmly while suspended inside a Woolworths reusable bag while his nails are clipped

The charming image showed the dog calmly hanging mid-air at eye level to his owner, as a man gently clipped the puppy’s nails, and pulled at the heartstrings of pet owners around Australia.

‘Oh that’s lovely’, one woman commented. 

‘My goodness! My dog would escape’, another said. 

Other pet owners questioned if the alternate method would work with bigger dogs. 

‘What if it’s a Great Dane?’, one woman asked. 

‘The you would need a fertiliser bag and a crane’, another suggested. 

The RSPCA recommends pet owners to be aware when their dog’s nails become too long to ensure optimum grooming health. 

‘Sufficient daily exercise and some time walking on concrete will help keep your dog’s nails filed down naturally,’ the RSPCA said.   

‘If you’re unsure how to clip nails, talk to your local vet clinic and they can show you how to do it safely.’

The organisation also encourages pet owners to avoid clipping their dog’s nails too short, as it can cause pain and bleeding.   

Woolworths reusable bags were introduced in 2018 following the supermarket's plastic bag ban and retails for 99cents

Woolworths reusable bags were introduced in 2018 following the supermarket’s plastic bag ban and retails for 99cents 


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