Impressed shoppers say these soft and cosy Sofslee pillows help with neck pain

‘Like sleeping on a cloud’: Impressed shoppers say these soft and cosy pillows ease neck pain AND help you sleep better – and you can now get two for just £25.49

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There are several factors that contribute to a blissful night’s sleep, but a supportive yet comfy pillow is surely  top of the list. 

If your pillows need an upgrade, then it’s worth noting that hundreds of sleep-deprived Amazon shoppers agree that the Sofslee Pillows are ‘the best of the best’, hailing them as the secret to a ‘better and longer sleep’.

If you struggle to nod off at night or wake up with a stiff neck, a firmer pillow could revolutionise your sleep. These down alternative pillows provide you with better support and structure to your sleeping position, minimising neck strain and allowing you to get the best night’s sleep possible.

Better still, the pillows are now on sale at just £25.49 for two (was £33.99). 

The highly-rated Sofslee Pillows are now just £25.49 for a pack of two on Amazon 

If you have neck pain or feel stiff when you wake, the chances are your pillow isn’t keeping your neck aligned with your spine. 

For this, Amazon shoppers say the Sofslee Pillows can help relieve some of those aches and pains, referring to them as ‘very luxurious to sleep on’, even raving how they’re ‘like sleeping on a cloud’.

If you’ve ever coveted hotel quality pillows but have been put off by the price then these are a great option, giving you that premium comfort but without the hefty price tag. Now on sale for 25 per cent off, you can snap up a pair for just £25.49. 

Suitable for all sleeping positions, the Sofslee Pillows are filled with 3D and 7D microfiber (a soft down alternative) which gives you guaranteed softness, comfort and sufficient support.

Shoppers have been impressed by the firm pillows, claiming they feel supportive, breathable and plush. While some firm pillows can feel flat and uncomfortable, these are bouncy yet keep their shape giving you a good amount of support whilst you sleep. 

One shopper raved: ‘These feel and look like premium hotel pillows. They fill the whole pillow case and remain plump. They are incredibly soft and your head melts into them.’

The machine washable pillows conforms to your shape and also rebounds quickly to keep its original shape to resist flattening – what’s worse than a lumpy or flat pillow?  

The thick and plush pillows supporting your head, neck and shoulders while you sleep, reducing neck pain and giving you a restful night's sleep

The thick and plush pillows supporting your head, neck and shoulders while you sleep, reducing neck pain and giving you a restful night’s sleep 

Another impressed shopper left a five-star review for the Sofslee Pillows, adding: ‘Crazy comfortable. I bought theses pillows a couple of weeks ago and have been using them for a while now and honestly they are so comfortable, just the right combination of firmness for supporting and softness for comfort. Amazing quality for the price!’.

A third penned: ‘If you have trouble with your pillows and wanting comfort.. this pillow is the one you want.

‘For weeks I’ve had neck trouble purchased this amazing pillow and first time ever I have woken up with no neck pain what so ever. It’s so comfortable and your head and neck is fully supported. With a cooling sensation too.’


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