Jaguar driver smashes into Toyota as he tries to park £65,000 electric vehicle at Lewisham Hospital

Parking fail! Jaguar driver repeatedly hits parked car as he tries to fit his £65,000 vehicle into space

  • Darren Pittman recorded the clip at Lewisham Hospital on Thursday morning 
  • New £65,000 blue Jaguar I-Pace captured scraping a Toyota Aygo in next bay
  • Video shows eight-month old British motor hitting nearby cars multiple times 
  • Viewers left baffled at the driver, described as a man in his 40s by eyewitnesses

This is the embarrassing moment a driver is caught on camera repeatedly hitting a car as he tries to park his £65,000 Jaguar.

The parking fail was captured on film by a fellow motorist in the car park of Lewisham Hospital on the morning of Thursday, May 20 at around 10am.

Darren Pittman was looking for a space himself when he noticed a driver failing miserably to park his blue Jaguar I-Pace electric vehicle.

As the footage begins the Jaguar has its front wheels over the kerb on the gravel and is inches away from a Toyota Aygo on its left.

The driver starts reversing backwards and a loud scrape can be heard as it first makes contact with the small Japanese car. 

The driver then pushes forward with his wheels slightly to the right, clattering the kerb a second time, before again reversing out and into the Toyota.

In the minute-long video clip, the expensive Jaguar edges forwards and backwards four times, hitting the Toyota with loud bangs on every occasion.

As the clip begins the car is flush against a Toyota Aygo reversed parked on the left, and the front wheels are over the kerb on gravel.

Parking fail: This £65,000 blue Jaguar I-Pace was captured smashing into parked cars by a shocked onlooker at Lewisham Hospital on Thursday, May 20

He first reverses straight back, and it is now clear the expensive British motor’s wheels are over the line and in the already occupied bay.

Driving forward with the wheel turned slightly to the right, the driver again hits the kerb, however instead of straightening his wheels he turns them further to the right.

With a loud crashing sound, the eight-month car then shunts into the Toyota.

The clip ends with the Jaguar having failed the manoeuvre four times and slowly approaching Mr Pittman’s car.

Darren also claims that the Jaguar had already hit a parked black Ford Focus to its rihgt. 

The expensive Jaguar went well over the allocated lines in the parking bay and clipped the kerb

The driver moved forwards and backwards four times, hitting the parked Toyota on each occasion

In the minute-long video clip, the expensive Jaguar juts forward and backwards four times, hitting the Toyota with loud bangs on every occasion

Sharing the clip online, and some sage advice, Darren wrote: ‘Never drive a car that is too big to park.’

The video has been viewed 220,000 times, attracted 500 comments and been shared over 1,000 times.

One user asked if the driver was drunk, while a second wrote:‘Spends £60k on a new Jaguar, yet gets their licence from Kelloggs.’

Darren said the driver was a man in his 40s driving, who appeared sober and well. 

It is not known however the extent of the damage to the Jaguar or either of the vehicles it hit. 

A third commenter said: ‘They can afford the car, but not driving lessons?’ 

Another added: ‘Even with gadgets, gizmos, sensors and cameras onboard look at this lemon!’  


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