Libra and Gemini star signs are most likely to cheat on partners

The star signs most likely to be unfaithful have been revealed – and it’s bad news if you’re married to a Libra. 

Extra-marital dating site Illicit Encounters analysed data from their married members and found disloyal Libras are the most likely to have an affair, with 16 per cent of adulterers on the website belonging to this zodiac sign.

Two-faced Geminis come in at a close second with 14 per cent, followed by cheating Capricorns third with 12 per cent, while Scorpio was the most faithful sign.  

In light of the survey, Libra and Gemini women shared their reasons for embarking on extra-marital affairs – including ‘needing more sex’ and simply feeling that ‘variety is important in life’.   

Extra-marital dating site Illicit Encounters revealed the star signs that are most likely to cheat on their partner. Stock image

Libras are said to become quickly infatuated by people, and Michaela, a Libra using the site, revealed that she loved the ‘rush’ of cheating when she first slept with a work colleague five years ago. 

‘I first cheated on my husband, with a work colleague, at a Christmas party five years ago,’ said Michaela. ‘It was such a rush, having this dirty little secret.

‘Nowadays I only cheat with married men – that way you both stand to lose a lot, and are less likely to get caught. 

‘I’m never going to leave my husband, but I just can’t help that I am much more adventurous and need more sex than he does.’  

Which star signs are most likely to cheat?  

  1. Libra 16% 
  2. Gemini 14% 
  3. Capricorn 12% 
  4. Taurus 11% 
  5. Cancer 9% 
  6. Leo 8% 
  7. Virgo 8% 
  8. Pisces 6% 
  9. Aries 5% 
  10. Sagittarius 4% 
  11. Aquarius 4% 
  12. Scorpio 3%

Meanwhile Cecilia, a Gemini using the site, explained that she doesn’t believe in monogamy, and that her husband is totally on board with having other sexual partners. 

‘I have always felt that monogamous relationships are a thing of the past’, she said. ‘Me and my husband both date other people, but we are each other’s primary relationship. 

‘We absolutely adore each other, and would never leave our marriage – but we both feel that variety is important in life.’ 


Sex and relationships expert at, Jessica Leoni, told FEMAIL that outgoing Libras are ‘social butterflies’ who will be quick to seek validation elsewhere, while Geminis are thought to be afraid of commitment.   

Meanwhile, Scorpios are ‘passionate and persistent’, meaning they’re determined to make a relationship work, only cheating as a last resort. 

1. Libra 

September 23 – October 22

Jessica told it’s no wonder that excitable Libras are the most unfaithful to their spouses. The air signs become easily infatuated with people, and are likely to embark on lots of quick flings. 

‘Libra is the most likely to cheat’, she said, ‘Not surprising at all. Libras are social butterflies, who dislike being alone. 

‘If a Libra is married to someone who isn’t always available – it’s only natural they’d be seeking validation and company elsewhere.’

2. Gemini 

May 21 – June 20 

Geminis love adventure and get bored easily, meaning they’re less likely commit to just one person.  

The air sign is flexible and open-minded and often struggle to devote themselves to one partner despite being in love. 

She told: ‘Gregarious Geminis are similar in that respect, another air sign, Geminis are renowned for having two often contradicting personalities – and although they love companionship, they’re fearful of commitment.’

3. Capricorn 

December 22 – January 19

While Capricorns are grounded and tend to carefully consider all of their decisions, they can embark on extra marital affairs as a means of relief from their stressful daily lives. 

‘Cheating Capricorns, who would have thought it! Belonging to the earth sign Capricorns are very much grounded, and tackle everything in life with careful consideration. 

‘Although sensible, Capricorns are also highly ambitious, and known for being workaholics, an affair may be just the stress relief they seek from the daily hustle.’

4. Taurus

 April 20 – May 20

Disloyal Libra’s are the most likely to have an affair, with a whopping 16 per cent of adulterers on the website belonging to this zodiac sign. Stock image

Disloyal Libra’s are the most likely to have an affair, with a whopping 16 per cent of adulterers on the website belonging to this zodiac sign. Stock image 

Taurus’ are known for their love of flirting, coupled with intense ambition which Jessica predicts could lead to the earth sign feeling ‘entitled’ to another relationship. 

She explained: ‘Another earth sign, Taurus’ are very much pleasure seeking, in search for the finer things in life. 

‘A Taurus may reason that they are entitled to an affair as a means to satisfy a need, for anything they may be lacking from their spouse. 

‘The Taurus is hedonistic in nature, and sees infidelity as a personal choice, that is nobody else’s business but their own.’

5. Cancer 

June 21 – July 22

Water sign Cancer tends to be caring in a relationship and very protective of their partner, however a lack of support in the relationship could lead to them seeking comfort elsewhere. 

‘Cancer, a water sign, in personality is very calm, affectionate and nurturing. Cancer is likely to put a lot of effort into their general well-being, valuing self-care above all else. 

‘Cancer may be in search of an affair if they feel unsupported or undervalued in their primary relationship.’

6. Leo 

July 23 – August 22

Leo signs are known for being ambitious and in need of power and authority in a relationship, looking for partners who can support them and help them achieve their goals. 

While the sign didn’t score highly on the list, Jessica predicted that Leo’s who do cheat are likely to have planned their affair meticulously so they don’t get caught. 

‘Lustful Leo’s score in the median department of star signs likely to cheat. A fire sign, Leo’s are known for being proud and loyal. 

‘I imagine the decision to be unfaithful would not be a flippant one, but rather a well considered and calculated master plan.’

7. Virgo 

August 23 – September 22

Virgo’s are supportive and loyal romantic partners, they love being in a relationship but are also fiercely independent and need time alone.

Typically a perfectionist, Virgo’s are likely to cheat when their relationship isn’t going as well as they had expected. 

‘Virgo, an earth sign, is an idealist’, Jessica said, ‘Perfectionism works in their favour in many aspects of life, but when a relationship isn’t going the way they’d imagined, they really take it to heart, a bruised ego can be the motivator for them to cheat. 

8. Pisces  

February 19 – March 20 

Pisces are affectionate and committed partners, however can find it difficult when their partners don’t understand their emotions. 

However when they do cheat, its likely that it wasn’t planned or initiated by them, and can be the result of feeling as they’re not being heard at home. 

‘Philandering Pisces, a water sign, naturally a tad shy, are more likely to be unfaithful spontaneously – and normally would not be the first to initiate infidelity. 

‘Highly emotional, a Pisces is likely to be open to an affair if they feel misunderstood at home.’

9. Aries

 March 21 – April 19

Adventurous and assertive, Aries like to be in charge in a relationship and tend to fall in love spontaneously.   

While they’re less likely to cheat, Aires will turn to cheating when they feel their partners can’t keep up with their needs physically and emotionally.

‘Aries, a fire sign, is on the less likely to cheat scale. Natural born leaders, they enjoy being pillars of the community and making a good example. 

‘Should an Aries be unfaithful, it’s normally down to the frustration that their spouse is incapable of meeting their expectations physically or emotionally.’

Two-faced Geminis come in at a close second with 14 per cent, followed by cheating Capricorns third with 12 per cent, while Scorpio was the most faithful sign. Stock image

Two-faced Geminis come in at a close second with 14 per cent, followed by cheating Capricorns third with 12 per cent, while Scorpio was the most faithful sign. Stock image

10. Sagittarius 

November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius’ are independent and very honest, and are often keen to solve problems as soon as they arrive in a relationship. 

This sign is not likely to seek an affair if they’re unhappy, and would simply break up with their spouse if the relationship wasn’t working. 

Jessica said: ‘A fire sign, Sagittarius is known for being fun, optimistic and playful. Although always in search of an adventure, the Sagittarius has a one track mind and struggles to cope with dating one person, forget about multiple people. 

‘They are more likely to break up with someone they are unhappy with then seek an affair.’

11. Aquarius 

January 20 – February 18

Aquarius’ need mental stimulation from their partners and often value being friends with their partner over a passionate relationship. Unlikely to cheat, Aquarius’ would try their best to mend cracks in the relationship. 

‘Aquarius, a water sign, known for their creativity, intellect and compassion. It may be they are less likely to cheat because they are more likely to put effort into trying to fix their marital problems. 

‘If the norm was to be unfaithful when you’re unhappy in your marriage, Aquarius insists on doing the opposite – remain and work it out.’


October 23 – November 21

Scorpio signs are typically stubborn and determined, who would rather try and make a relationship work whatever the problem. 

Jessica told: ‘Looking for commitment? Look no further than the steadfast Scorpio, the most faithful star sign of the zodiac. A water sign, they are very passionate, assertive and persistent. 

‘They are determined to make an unhappy marriage happy, by sheer will and stubbornness, and would only ever cheat as an absolute last resort – they’re a safe bet for monogamy.’ 

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