Man CYCLES through security at Parliament and is pinned down by police inside secure zone

Man CYCLES through Parliament gates before being pinned down by cops in major security breach four years after terrorist raced through SAME entrance to kill PC Keith Palmer in knife frenzy

A cyclist has ridden through security outside Parliament before being pinned down by armed police.

The man got through the gate in front of the House of Commons before officers dragged him to the ground.

One photo showed the suspect – wearing a woolly hat, jeans and trainers – being arrested on the grass at New Palace Yard while police aimed their guns at him.

Another pictured his bicycle abandoned on the road just metres away from Parliament, having covered most of the distance from the road.

A later image showed the man being guarded by two policeman with his arms bound behind his back in handcuffs.

The suspect made it through the same entrance where PC Keith Palmer was murdered in a knife frenzy in 2017.

A man has reportedly tried to cycle through security at the Houses of Parliament before being pinned down by police inside secure zone

The man today was hauled into the courtyard outside the building while shouting at the officers with their hands on his shoulders.

He was later moved to another part of the grounds towards the exit while continuing to yell at the police.

Officers bundled him into the back of an arriving police van while he bawled: ‘My rights.’


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