Moment a cheeky magpie hops inside car in China and steals driver’s cigarettes [Video]

I’ll have Marlboro flight! Moment a cheeky magpie hops inside car and steals driver’s cigarettes

  • The overfriendly magpie in Dalian, China, was filmed playing with the cigarettes
  • The bird first pecked at the carton before eventually putting a cigarette in his beak as if he intended to smoke it
  • The man filming offered the clever bird a lighter and asked if he needed him to light the cigarette

This is the surreal moment a friendly magpie steals cigarettes from the car of a bemused motorist in China.

The phone footage was filmed on November 15 by a driver in the city of Dalian in the Chinese province of Liaoning while he watched the magpie and even offers to light a cigarette for the bird.

The magpie had made its way inside the car after scampering around outside in front of parked cars.

The footage begins with the apparently unafriad magpie playing on the man’s headboard before sticking his beak in the driver’s cigarette packet.

The Chinese magpie was shown sticking its beak into the carton before putting a single cigarette in its beak and sitting on the steering wheel of the car

The precocious bird then jumps onto the steering wheel and looks directly at the driver sitting behind it.

The man later offers the bird, which had moved into the passenger seat, his lighter to joke about the shimmering magpie actually smoking the cigarette.

The man then holds his lighter in front of the camera and jokes ‘let me light it for you!’.

The man offers his lighter to the magpie

The magpie poses for the camera with a cigarette in its mouth

The driver joked that he would light the cigarette for the curious bird as he filmed the hilarious footage

The thrid piece of footage in the video shows the bird posing with a cigarette in his beak – looking like it is trying to impress the camera.

Magpies are synonomous with stealing shiny objects and valuables in European culture but this one seems to have altogether cheaper tastes.

In East Asia, the birds are very common and culturally symbolic for good luck, with the driver’s comfort with the magpie showing this.


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