Naughty puppy gets his head stuck inside a Halloween pumpkin

Halloween howler! Hilarious moment a naughty puppy gets its head stuck inside a carved pumpkin decoration

  •  Rebecca Bowman left her Australian shepherd puppy Luke at home in Ontario
  • While she was out, the dog got a carved pumpkin stuck on top of his head 
  • Ms Bowman said the four-month-old puppy ate the lantern’s decorative lights 
  • She said Luke seemed happy peering through the carved lantern’s eye holes 

A Canadian woman returned to her home in London, Ontario to find that her puppy Luke had eaten her pumpkin Halloween decoration getting his head stuck inside the large orange fruit. 

Rebecca Bowman had left her Australian shepherd dog Luke at home in London, Ontario for 15 minutes only to discover the scene of chaos when she returned just a quarter of an hour later. 

The four-month-old puppy had managed to get his head wedged inside the large fruit and was bounding around the kitchen like a demented animatronic character at a theme park. 

Luke the dog stuck in a Halloween pumpkin

Luke the dog got stuck in a Halloween pumpkin at his owner’s home in London, Ontario when Rebecca Bowman went outside for a quarter of an hour only to return to a scene of utter chaos

Ms Bowman filmed the incident and can be heard calling out: ‘Luke, what did you do?’

Several people tried to catch the puppy who continued to bound around the kitchen. 

According to Ms Bowman, her pet ate all the decorative lights which had been placed inside the pumpkin. 

She said: ‘He must have started with just chewing on the decoration, then graduated to investigating the inside.

‘He seemed to be just trying to peek through the eye holes of the pumpkin rather than even bother trying to get it off,’ Bowman added.

The second dog visible in the video is a 22-month-old male Australian shepherd, named Beau.

According to The Dodo, Ms Bowman said: ‘It is literally all day and night that he is getting into things he shouldn’t, I swear he knows what he shouldn’t have and goes straight for it. Since we brought him home we have had to pick up all things plastic, metal, ceramic, brick, even concrete items because he will chew/carry around anything but a dog toy! On the first day we brought him home he was dragging a pipe wrench twice his size in the yard.

Eventually, the family were able to wrestle the pumpkin from Luke's head

Eventually, the family were able to wrestle the pumpkin from Luke’s head 

‘We pulled up to the house and my husband ran the bags in, but quickly ran back out of the house in hysterical laughter. He yelled for me to come into the house and the only information he would give me is “You gotta see this.” I was immediately worried until I got to the door and Luke was there to greet me with a massive bobbly pumpkin stuck on his head!’

She added: ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if he was up on that table the very second he heard the car pull away. The top of the decoration was chewed as well so I’m sure he had a total heyday while we were out.’


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