People share inspiring before and after pictures of their weight loss

Super slimmers! People who’ve shed as much as 220lbs share incredible before-and-after shots to inspire others on their weight loss journeys

  • People have shared pictures of their impressive weight loss to motivate others 
  • From all over the US, they’ve shed hundreds of pounds to look healthier 
  • Some said weight loss journeys had taken several years and effort to complete 

People have been sharing photos of their weight loss success stories to help inspire others hoping to shed some pounds. 

Super slimmers from across the US shared before-and-after snaps in a gallery collated by Bored Panda

While some were still crunching the lbs, other said they had managed to maintain their new weight and embrace their new, slimmer selves fully. 

One man from the US not only looked much thinner in his after picture but also looked several years younger and more toned. 

One woman said she had lost a whopping 220lbs in four years after having had a gastric bypass surgery to get her started. 

She said she began her weight loss journey in 2016 after a wight loss surgery

People have shared impressive pictures of their weight loss. A young woman from the US said she lost 220lbs since beginning her weight loss journey in 2016

At the start of her journey, the super slimmer was 425lbs

After losing 154lbs, she said she was at a healthy BMI

This slimming powerhouse lost 154lbs from her starting weight of 425 lbs (left) and said she was happy to be at a healthy BMI (right)

The super slimmer before he started working on losing weight

The same man now after having lost 140lbs

This handsome chap proudly announced he’s lost 140lbs during his weight loss journey. Pictured before, left and after, right

Before, the man was happy to wear large Hawaiin shirts

After his weight loss he looked much slimmer and younger

This man, pictured before, left, from the US not only looked slimmer, he also looked younger after his impressive weight loss (right)

Before his weight loss journey, the man took a picture in the mirror

A year on, the super slimmer showed he had lost much of his belly

This man from the US lost 176lbs in just a year after deciding he wanted to change his looks. Pictured before, left and after, right

This South East Asian woman said she lost 101lbs during her weight loss transformation

She said her body was still getting stronger and fitter and shed the weight

A South East Asian woman proudly said she lost 101lbs and 18 per cent of body fat after her weight loss (before, left and after, right)

The slimmer before his weight loss, weighing around 500lbs. He was told he wouldn't live to see 40

The same man now, after losing 350lbs and turning 40

Before his weight loss, pictured, this super slimmer from the US was told he wouldn’t live to see 40 and weighed about 500lbs. He’s now on the right after losing 350lbs

This super slimmer, pictured before, believed to be from the US bet a coworker he'd spend 2020 getting fit

A year on, the super slimmer proudly showed his toned physique

A weight loss hero said he drunkenly bet a coworker he’d spend 2020 getting fit and coulnd’t go back on his word (pictured before left and now, right)

This woman, pictured before her weight loss, lost an amazing amount of weight in just one year

She shared a snap of her progress, pictured, from 2018 to 2019

A super slimmer showed the progress of her weight loss before 2018, pictured left, and 2019, pictured right 


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