People share their VERY amusing fails

Should have stayed at home! TikTok users share their VERY amusing fails – including bringing a bowling alley ceiling down with an overzealous throw

  • TikTok page makes video compilations of hilarious mishaps from across globe  
  • Clips include fisherman falling into water and handstand which breaks the door
  • Elsewhere, a white van driver is hit in the face by an enormous plume of dust

Is there anything more side-splitting than seeing a fail happen right before your very own eyes?   

While new videos may be in short supply due to the social distancing guidelines, a look over some of the most amusing clips online is sure to provide a little light relief during lockdown.

Tik Tok page mr.inverse merges together some of the funniest fails committed by people from across the globe to create a few seconds of pure enjoyment – as they say, laughter is the best medicine!

Amongst the clips that are guaranteed to leave you in stitches include a man snapping a diving board in half as he tries to jump off, and another who became the talk of the bowling alley when an overzealous throw saw the ball fly through the air – bringing the ceiling down.

He got a little overexcited and ended up in the water... with the fish

Made a rod for his own back: This man, from the UK< was a little overexcited when he threw out his fishing rod and ended up falling straight into the water with the fish

This young boy was practising his baseball swing indoors when he got a nasty shock

After hitting the ball it rebounds and comes flying back at him and hitting him 'down there'

This young boy, from the UK, was unaware of the consequences as he took a swing of his baseball bat indoors…and was shocked when the ball came straight back at him ‘down there’

This man got a shock when he made a rather overzealous throw

When the bowling ball hit the roof it pulled down half the ceiling with it

A man, from an unknown location, was the talk of the bowling alley when an overzealous throw saw the ball fly through the air, hitting the ceiling and pulling it down

This young girls's innocent handstand goes horribly wrong

As she throws her body towards the door the wood break and she goes straight through the new hole

During this handstand gone horribly wrong, a young girl, from  an unknown location, stands on her hands up against a door. However, to  her shock, her body broke the wood 

A white van driver innocently placed an object into a skip

As he placed the item in the skip a plume of dust blew in his face

A white van driver, from the UK, got a shock when he threw something in a skip and a plume of dust blew back in his face

A man is seen taking a running jump at this diving board

The board hilariously snapped in two under his weight

It would appears this diving board could not handle this man’s dive as when he went to jump off, pressing all his weight on the end, it snapped in two 

The clip begins with someone catching a fish on some wooden decking

Shortly after someone walks into shot and the wooden planks give way underneath them

This person, from an unknown location, got a fright when the wooden planks he was walking on as someone caught a fish gave way from underneath them

This man decided to high kick a punch bag

When he went for the kick he ended up in a heap on the floor

In what appears to be a pub, this man, from an unknown location, decided to high kick the punch bag machine, and ended up falling to the ground 

This adventurous man decided to walk on the top of a large bin

The hilarious clip appears to show the bin swallowing him up

Feeling adventurous, this man, from an unknown location, decided to walk on top of a large bin but got a shock when it appeared to swallow him whole


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