Prince Andrew FINALLY concedes proper service of legal papers in Virginia Giuffre suit

Prince Andrew FINALLY concedes proper service of legal papers in Virginia Giuffre’s sexual assault lawsuit as he seeks extension of his deadline to respond to October 29

Prince Andrew has officially conceded proper service of process in the New York lawsuit filed against him by accuser Virginia Giuffre.

In a joint stipulation filed on Friday in Manhattan federal court, Andrew’s attorneys said that they had received copies of the summons and complaint in the suit, which alleges sexual assault and sexual battery.

The concession follows a lengthy battle in which Andrew was accused of attempting to evade responding to the allegations by claiming that court papers in the case had not been properly delivered to him.  

The new stipulation signed by attorneys from both sides in the case requests the cancellation of an October 13 preliminary hearing, which had been set to argue over process service questions.

Prince Andrew has conceded proper service of process in the New York lawsuit filed against him by Virginia Giuffre. Pictured: The Duke of York with Virginia Roberts, as was know at the time aged 17, and Ghislaine Maxwell in London 

It also sets the date for effective process service as of September 21.

Under standard procedure, his legal team would have 21 days to file a response to the initial complaint, meaning the deadline would be October 12.

The new filing requests that the response deadline be extended until October 29, a concession that Guiffre’s team agreed to in return for a guarantee that Andrew would not attempt to challenge service of process. 

US District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan will now have to rule on the joint request, which he is likely to accept as both parties in the case have agreed to it. 

Developing story, more to follow. 


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