School is forced to contact parents over ’embarrassing’ find in her son’s school lunchbox 

‘This is my mum fail for the day’: School contacts little boy’s parents over ’embarrassing’ find in his school lunchbox

  • A mum has revealed the embarrassing moment her school called about lunch
  • She had accidentally sent her son to school with a bag of raw sausages
  • Other parents admitted to having lunchbox mishaps including sending cat food

A mum has revealed her embarrassment after her young son’s school contacted her over his inappropriate lunch.

The mum accidentally sent the boy to school with a lunchbox full of raw sausages instead of a sandwich and snacks.

Posting on a Facebook family group she explained that she had found his lunch in the fridge after dropping him to school.

A mum accidentally sent her boy to school with a lunchbox full of raw sausages instead of a sandwich and school snacks

This made her gasp in horror as she assumed he had taken his lunchbox from the previous day to school again.

‘Then am email came from the school saying as they went to switch his lunch they found sausages,’ she laughed. 

‘He only went and took my raw sausages from the fridge instead of his lunch.’ 

The mum described the moment as a ‘mum fail’ and said they would be double checking the lunch boxes from now on.

But the post was quickly inundated with comments from other parents who had also sent their kids off to school with random food items instead of their lunch.

One mum said she had made her daughter a cheese sandwich, only to pack the block of cheese instead.

‘I put an egg in my sons lunch box to remind me to boil it for sandwiches. The next day I just did ham sandwiches. He got to his summer activity club and the staff just assumed I had boiled it and told him just to tap it on the floor to get the shell off. He did this and a raw egg fell out,’ another mum wrote.

‘Half an onion in foil here. I thought it was the ham roll I had made,’ one person said.

Dietitian Susie Burrell four-step formula for a perfect school lunch

1. Sandwich, wrap or salad with some form of protein.

2. Fruit and cut-up vegetables.

3. Protein-rich snack such as yoghurt or cheese.

4. Something fun or ‘yummy’ like homemade protein balls, healthy chips or biscuits.


Others admitted to accidentally sending dog and cat food along to school. 

Some people remembered their own parents’ lunchbox mishaps.

‘My mum gave me her sewing box once for my lunch, so in year one I opened my lunch box to pins and needles,’ one woman laughed. 

Others were more dangerous.

‘A couple of weeks ago, I put my cigarettes and lighter in my 10 year old’s school bag instead of her morning snack,’ one mum admitted.

‘My mum worked as a TA in a primary school and one lad was crying at lunchtime because his water tasted funny. To start with the teacher thought he was being fussy as he could be like that. But eventually someone went to check and they sniffed the bottle and it was vodka,’ one woman revealed. 


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