Secondary school pupils must wear face masks in lessons for ‘weeks’ from school return on March 8 

Secondary school pupils will be made to wear face masks in lessons for ‘weeks’ when they head back to classroom on March 8

  • BREAKING: Secondary school pupils to wear masks in classrooms ‘for weeks’ 
  • The new rules come as part of plans to safely reopen schools on March 8
  • Boris Johnson made the announcement as part of his roadmap out of lockdown

Secondary pupils will have to wear masks in the classroom ‘for several weeks’ to allow schools to safely reopen from March 8.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined the new rules as he sets out his roadmap out of lockdown today.

He said there is a ‘greater requirement’ for masks in secondary schools for a ‘limited period’ until they are back up and running. 

The PM is set to reveal his ‘roadmap’ in a statement to the Commons this afternoon once it is rubber-stamped by Cabinet. 

The first steps to freedom from lockdown will prioritise reopening schools and reuniting families, Boris Johnson said last night. On March 8, all pupils will return to the classroom as part of the first of four steps towards getting the country back on its feet.

Boris Johnson made the announcement as he unveils his roadmap out of the national lockdown

Boris Johnson made the announcement as he unveils his roadmap out of the national lockdown

The first steps to freedom will prioritise getting children fully back into classrooms in a fortnight’s time, while people will also be able meet one friend or family member in the park for a coffee or a picnic from March 8.

 The new rules on masks for secondary school pupils comes as the Government seeks to build up parents’ confidence that their children are safe to return to the classroom. 

Mr Johnson tweeted this morning: ‘Our priority has always been getting children back into school which we know is crucial for their education and wellbeing. We’ll also be prioritising ways for people to reunite with loved ones safely.

‘Our decisions will be made on the latest data at every step, and we will be cautious about this approach so that we do not undo the progress we have achieved so far and the sacrifices each and every one of you has made to keep yourself and others safe.’ 

Meanwhile, the NASUWT teachers union today reiterated its call for teachers and other education staff to be given priority access to coronavirus vaccines.

Dr Patrick Roach, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said: ‘The NASUWT believes it is in the national interest for the government to prioritise teachers and education staff for access to vaccination.’    

The National Education Union said in its proposed recovery plan that the return to schools should see numbers allowed on-site limited while there should also be increased use of face coverings.

It said masks should be worn by secondary school pupils in classrooms as well as in all other areas of the school.    

Union bosses are urging Mr Johnson to follow the example of Scotland and Wales where the phased return of some young children to classrooms started this morning.    


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