Sister says law must change after British boyfriend lured Canadian teenager to UK and murdered her

In a tribute to her daughter released through Essex Police, Christy Gendron said: 

‘My darling daughter, Ashley. My youngest child.

‘Right from the day you were born, you made me proud to be your mommy. You couldn’t help being adorable.

‘I watched you grow up alongside your sister – my most beautiful, most precious treasures.

‘I looked on as you learnt to do things by watching your big sister, Hailey. Sometimes you followed her, sometimes you overtook her.

‘Nothing could hold you back.

‘You weren’t afraid to try anything – sports, crafts, skiing.

‘No-one taught you to swim, you just jumped in and started swimming! It was amazing.

‘Growing up into a beautiful, smart young woman, it was clear you were destined for a bright future and I believe studying at university would have brought you the personal rewards you deserved. I know you would’ve been successful in anything you wanted to do.

‘I treasure the time we spent together, with you always protecting me. You were the backbone of our little family.

‘Hailey and I saw how you were fiercely loyal to those you loved.

‘Your moral and spiritual compass was second to none. Always wanting to help, always looking out for others.

‘When you set your mind to something you believed in, no one could stop you. When you helped someone, they knew they were loved.

‘Your love of and thirst for adventure brought you to the UK. Your passion for life was immense.

‘Your passion for Jack knew no bounds, but it seems that your love, trust and support wasn’t returned. He didn’t want you to come home to those who truly loved you.

‘My life will never be the same without you, Ashley. I will never be whole again.

‘My baby has gone from me and my life has changed forever.

‘Ashley, Mommy loves you always.’

In a tribute to his daughter released through Essex Police, Kenneth Wadsworth said:

‘I miss you, Ashley.

‘I miss everything about you.

‘I miss your beautiful face, your every breath, your chatter.

‘You don’t know what you will miss until it is no longer there. But I am forever grateful that I got to tell you I loved you the last time I spoke to you. I wish you were back with us.

‘Ashley, you were a great kid. You were fast at doing everything – walking at seven months and playing all kinds of sports.

‘And really smart too, one of the brightest in your school – a future doctor.

‘I treasure the times you’d come over to mine and my wife Charmaine’s house, and we would sit on the porch and just talk.

‘Your sister Hailey, and your niece Paisley meant the world to you and miss you dearly every day.

‘You and Charmaine’s daughter, Crystal, were the best of friends.

As a family we would hang out, go to the beach, do lots of walking and sports.

‘We lived an outdoor life and you loved that.

‘Ashley, I was so proud when you graduated from school with honours.

‘You told me you wanted to take a year out to visit Jack and would then come home to go to college.

‘I wasn’t keen on you going to England, being away from everyone, but you are such a strong person and knew what you wanted in life, nothing I could have said would have changed your mind. I remember driving you to that airport that day, the last time I saw you in person.

‘I think about why you stayed with Jack with everything that had gone on. It plays on my mind; at the same time, I know you are such a kind and loving person and would have just wanted to help him with everything that was going on.

‘Ashley, you are forever in my thoughts, and missed by me, Charmaine, Crystal, Hailey and Paisley.’

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