TALK OF THE TOWN: New sex scandal rocks Downing Street

TALK OF THE TOWN: New sex scandal rocks Downing Street as PM’s dog Dilyn caught with his sister Rachel’s cockapoo Ziggy

I have uncovered a sex scandal at the heart of No 10 that will send shockwaves through Westminster – and it concerns Boris Johnson!

Or, more specifically, his terrier Dilyn who, having stained the Downing Street carpets, gnawed through antique furniture at Chequers, chewed up an historic book and got passionate with Dominic Cummings’ leg, has had his wicked way with a cockapoo owned by Boris’s sister Rachel.

Dilyn was caught in the act with his doggy ‘cousin’ Ziggy by Boris and Rachel, who must now be waiting with bated breath to see if anything comes of the union as Dilyn is not neutered.

Dilyn the dog, pictured, is feared to have impregnated Rachel Johnson’s Cockapoo Ziggy

Boris Johnson and his sister Rachel spotted the PM's dog having sex with Rachel's cockapoo Ziggy, pictured

Boris Johnson and his sister Rachel spotted the PM’s dog having sex with Rachel’s cockapoo Ziggy, pictured 

Aides say lockdown vet closures have prevented Boris and his fiancee Carrie Symonds from taking Dilyn in for the snip – though I am baffled, as most clinics remain open – which means that Dilyn could end up fathering a love child. Heaven forbid.

Rachel was at pains to avoid adding her name to the long list of people ready to upset Carrie by briefing against Dilyn.

Journalist Rachel told me: ‘I would never comment on the private life of the First Dog. Dilyn is a very attractive, vigorous and famous terrier, and therefore I’m sure Ziggy was chasing him rather than the other way around.’

Rachel wrote about her curly-haired, toffee-coloured pup – which she bought during the first lockdown, in The Spectator magazine last year.

Borrowing a saying usually applied to cats, she explained that the year-old dog, which she has described as ‘a turbo-charged Hamleys soft toy’, had already lost ‘two of her nine lives’ after swallowing a peach stone and having suffered a broken pelvis during the summer, when Rachel accidentally hit her with the family Volvo at her Exmoor house.

Let’s hope Ziggy has a new lease of life now she’s found romance… albeit a little too close to home.


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