This stylish citronella candle will help you get rid of mosquitoes and flies this summer

Are bugs ruining your al fresco meals? This citronella candle will help banish mosquitoes and flies this summer – and it’s surprisingly stylish

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Eating and drinking outside in the evenings is one of the great perks of summer, but this can quickly be ruined by the arrival of pesky flies and mosquitoes. 

If you’re looking for a tried-and-true way of getting rid of bothersome bugs, then it might be wise to follow the hundreds of Amazon shoppers who swear by the La Jolíe Muse Citronella Candle.

An affordable and attractive method for keeping critters at bay, the 100 per cent natural pure citronella oil extraction three-wick candle can offer much-needed relief from swatting, zapping and dodging pesky bugs. And the best news? It’s now on sale, reduced to £12.74 (was £17.99).

Made from 100 per cent soy wax, the La Jolíe Muse Citronella Candles are a gorgeous addition to your dinner table that also keep annoying bugs at bay

While fire pits, solar lights and outdoor furniture are all ways to make your garden more inviting, you’ll need to make sure that certain guests aren’t welcome. 

Scoring big points for presentation, perfume and power to repel bugs, the La Jolíe Muse Citronella Candle has been described by one reviewer as a ‘very effective candle that kept the insects away’. 

The candle works by releasing a refreshing botanical aroma that masks the human scents that attract flies and mosquitoes, leaving your outdoor space a far more enjoyable place to be. 

While a citronella candle won’t kill the bugs, it will deter them from interrupting your al fresco meals this summer. 

They offer a smaller area of protection than bug zappers and bug lights, but are a far prettier solution. 

At £12.74 for a large three wick candle, the La Jolíe Muse Citronella Candle isn’t as affordable as the tea-light style citronella candles, but many people find that the cheaper candles can have an overpoweringly artificial scent and burn out in an hour or so. 

Designed with three lead-free cotton wicks and pure soy wax, the candle promises an even, clean and long-lasting burn for up to 30 hours, so you are sure to get your money’s worth.  

The citronella candle promises to deter buzzing whilst leaving a beautiful, soft fragrance - it's perfect for any al fresco dining this summer

The citronella candle promises to deter buzzing whilst leaving a beautiful, soft fragrance – it’s perfect for any al fresco dining this summer

With an impressive average score of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon, the pretty citronella candle has amassed a lot of praise, with users calling it a ‘beautiful candle’ and raving about how ‘the smell is amazing’ and it is ‘the best option to get rid of insects’.

One delighted shopper left a rave five-star review, writing: ‘Beautiful and functional. Bought to discourage wasps from gate crashing a socially distanced BBQ. It not only smells great, but looks lovely too.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Bought this to use when we sit outdoors as I always get eaten alive! Lovely tin and then lid means the candle doesn’t lose its scent when not in use. Very pleased with this and how it burns evenly with the 3 wicks.’

A third penned: ‘Beautiful candle, strong scent and well packaged. These candles are so effective in keeping the mosquitos away and the citronella scent is actually very pleasant. Would highly recommend and will be buying more ready for next summer!’


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