VIDEO: Utah cat plays in a baby’s bouncer

MY toy! Hilarious moment Oliver the kitten takes over baby bouncer and leaves child to play on the floor

  • Oliver the cat was filmed playing in a child’s bouncer in Algona, Iowa last month
  • The baby, who has not been identified, was happily playing with toys on the floor
  • The cat began punching the toys hanging from the bouncer making squeaks 

This is the hilarious moment a family filmed their cat playing in their baby’s bouncer. 

Oliver the cat clambered on board the bouncer while the baby, who has not been identified, sat on the floor. 

People who saw the footage online suggested the baby should chase a laser light to get even with the cat. 

The video was shot in Algona, Iowa, late last month. 

This is the hilarious moment a cat invaded a baby bouncer in the living room of a house in Algona, Iowa, late last month

The cat managed to climb into the baby's bouncer

It then pawed at the child's toys hanging above the bouncer

The cat managed to climb into the baby’s bouncer and pawed at the child’s toys hanging above the structure

While another described the stroller as the cat’s own ‘kitty Disney park’. 

The cat pawed at the toys suspended above the stroller which are supposed to be stimulating for the baby. 

Though the baby girl did not appear to be concerned as she continued to play with other toys on the floor, where a second cat kept a watchful eye. 

The cat’s owner said: ‘The cat’s name is Oliver. 

‘We think he was a baby in a past life. Our baby girl was just about to go into the bouncer and the cat climbed in and started playing. 

‘He stayed in there for a good 10 minutes and even went back in after we took him out. 

‘It was hilarious!’


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