Web jokers create video showing how Meghan’s Oprah interview dress came to have white pattern on it

‘It seems Meghan was caught by a seagull’: Web jokers go to town on Duchess’s distinctive dress choice for Oprah interview

  • Meghan Markle was wearing a £3,375 Armani dress in her interview with Oprah
  • But the dress had white lotus flower print, which some said looked like ‘bird poo’
  • Now internet jokers have created a video showing the moment the bird swooped 
  • The joke video was posted on YouTube and has been viewed hundreds of times 

Meghan Markle was last night ‘given the bird’ by internet jokers as they poked fun at the dress she wore in her bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The Duchess of Sussex wore a £3,375 black Armani dress as she sat down for a chat with the American talk show host for her explosive interview about life as a royal.

But Twitter users poked fun at Meghan’s dress, comparing its white lotus flower print to seagull mess.

And internet pranksters went a step further, by actually creating a joke video showing how the dress mess came to be.

The video, named ‘Moments before Meghan’s interview, and which features clips from the real programme, shows the Duchess sitting in a plain black dress as she speaks to Oprah.

The Duchess of Sussex wore a £3,375 Armarni dress as she sat down to talk with the American talk show host for her explosive interview about life as a royal

After being complimented by the talk show host, Meghan’s dress then falls victim to a seagull’s foul swoop.

The hilarious video, posted on Youtube by the account Delboy online, then cuts to another part of the interview showing Oprah’s shocked expression – as if she was surprised at the messy moment.

It then cuts back and forth between a composed Meghan and a shocked Oprah before the short 20 second video comes to an end.

The prank follows similar comments on social media about the triple silk georgette dress worn in the world exclusive interview.

One Twitter user said: ‘Mad that Oprah hasn’t told Meghan that a seagull has absolutely gone to town all over on of her shoulders. Can’t tell if that’s super professional or just rude.’ 

Another joked: ‘Umm… that look is so unfortunate. It looks like a seagull has taken a massive dump on Meghan’s dress.’

On Twitter user, Xavier Ellis, an Australian Podcaster, said: ‘Someone needs to tell Meghan a segull may have s*** on her shoulder.’

Along side the dress, the pregnant Duchess wore a pair of £3,000 earrings with a wax jacket and a pair of wellies during part of her explosive interview with Oprah.

One celebrity her stylist said she wore her hair in a woven bun to symbolise ‘women warriors of history,’ and ‘tactically tied it up’ so she doesn’t have to ‘push it back and seem nervous’.

During the interview, her and husband Prince Harry made bombshell claims about life in the Royal Family, including allegations that one unnamed member had ‘raised concerns’ about what colour the couple’s first baby might be. 

The Royal Family later responded with a comment saying it would discuss the claims in a private capacity. 


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