Who’ll find love on our blind date? This week it’s Patricia, 72 and Jake, 77,

Patricia, 72, (pictured) is a retired PA


Dating Past?

I was married for 33 years and widowed in 1999 when I was just 52. While I’ve mainly been on my own since, I have had a couple of relationships. The problem is, I’d go out for dinner a few times with someone and then they’d be angling to move in.

I tend to avoid dating apps, but I read this column during lockdown and thought: ‘I could do that.’

Pre-Date Nerves?


Widowed , with two sons and four grandchildren.


Retired PA in the NHS .


Someone who isn’t negative or miserable — and I don’t like being bossed about.

I hovered between being terrified and excited. Friends who knew about the date were sworn to secrecy, as I didn’t want too many people to know, but my sons and their wives were very excited for me. I planned my outfit carefully in advance — at best I envisaged a lunch with someone who might turn out to be charming.

First Impressions?

When I arrived at the restaurant, I thought Jake was very casually attired. I did expect him to wear a jacket —instead he had on an expensive pair of walking boots, casual trousers, a lightweight jacket and a sweater. I even spotted a rucksack next to him. On the plus side, he has a nice face and an open manner, too.

Easy To Talk To?

Jake is British but lived in Canada with his late wife and children. He asked if I would be prepared to live there for part of the year. I was surprised by his forwardness and, while I’d love to visit for holidays, I wouldn’t want a permanent move, as I have a life in the UK with family and friends.

There were tears when he spoke about his late wife 

He is a fascinating man; he sculpts and showed me pictures of his work — one was of a beautiful pair of hands.


LIKED? Jake’s candour and openness.



I felt really sorry for Jake as he is still raw after losing his wife three years ago. There were tears in his eyes on a few occasions when he spoke about her. I did ask why he applied to Blind Date if it was too soon and he said he needed to move on.

Embarrassing Moments?

No, thankfully. Reassuringly, we both stuck to one main course as we’re not big eaters. I had two glasses of prosecco and Jake had a glass of Rioja, then a glass of port.

Did Sparks Fly?

Jake said he’d leave it up to me to get in touch with him. We’ve emailed since — given the increasing government restrictions, it’s probably the best way to stay in touch, for now.

What do you think he thought of you?

I did confess that I don’t normally wear this much make-up, but Jake told me I looked nice.

Would your family like him?

Yes, there’s no other side to Jake and he is very frank.

Jake, 77, (pictured) is a retired marketing executive

Jake, 77, (pictured) is a retired marketing executive 

JAKE, 77

Dating Past?

I was born in Liverpool and emigrated to Canada age 35, where I met my wife of 40 years. I returned to the UK after she died suddenly. We never even said goodbye to each other; it was like being chain-sawed in half. I haven’t dated since, but I’d like a companion. I keep myself occupied with regular French conversation classes and I enjoy sculpting.

Pre-date nerves?


Widowed, with two children.


Retired marketing executive.


Someone inquisitive and gentle to spend time with. My wife died almost three years ago, but I’m not looking to remarry.

I’m too arrogant to be nervous and not much makes me feel that way nowadays. My late wife said I have a nice way about me, and I know I can be chatty when needs be.

First Impressions?

I got to the restaurant first. Patricia arrived on time and was wearing a nice dress. She looked presentable and had an interesting face, too.

Easy to talk to?

I discovered Patricia likes walking and, as I had my iPad with me, I was able to show her some pictures of my sculptures. I suspect she was rather bemused. We also shared stories of our travels in Canada.

I felt like we bonded over our shared experiences of losing a spouse. Patricia asked me why I was dating when I still felt raw after losing my wife: the thing is, I don’t want to be alone. My brain tells me I have to move on, but my heart doesn’t understand why.

I was shocked when she told me all about her affairs 

My heart went out to Patricia when she told me she saw a whisky display in a shop and automatically reached out for a bottle for her husband who’s been dead for 21 years. A few tears escaped on both sides of the table.


LIKED? Patricia is lovely, gentle and kind.



Embarrassing moments?

I was left speechless after asking Patricia why she’d remained alone. She put me straight, informing me she had enjoyed a few affairs.

I was initially shocked that she had shared this, although she explained that they were relationships she ended when the chaps wanted to take things to the next level and move in with her.

Did sparks fly?

I think Patricia felt something for me. At one point she leaned forward and asked me for my contact details. She said: ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get.’ My thinking was that if she had them then the onus was on her to get in touch — if she wanted to.

What do you think she thought of you?

I think she liked me. We have very similar views on being alone at this stage in our lives. We have been in touch, although via email only.

Would your family like her?

I’m sure they would.  

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