Activist BLOCKS Texas senate’s sergeant at arms as trans woman compares lawmakers to Nazis

Shocking moment trans activist physically BLOCKS Texas senate’s sergeant at arms from taking the mic as trans woman compares lawmakers to NAZIS over new bill criminalizing drag shows

  • Loren Perkins, a transgender woman, was speaking at the Texas capital on Thursday against anti-drag bills when she compared lawmakers to Nazis

This is the shocking moment an LGBTQ activist blocks the Texas senate’s sergeant in arms from taking the mic from a trans speaker – who compared lawmakers to Nazis as they consider criminalizing drag shows. 

Loren Perkins, a transgender woman, appeared at the state capital on Thursday to provide public comment on a few laws that would prohibit drag performances in the Lone Star State.

Perkins was seen in a viral video on TikTok with more than 445 million views speaking to lawmakers past her two-minute speech mark as a security started guard to make his way toward her.

Before the microphone can be grabbed away from her, another activist rushed in front of the sergeant and placed their arms wide open to avoid him from interrupting Perkins’ speech.

‘By manipulating the words of an ancient text and shoehorning it into legislation aimed at an at risk minority population, you liken yourself to another group that gained popularity in Germany in the 1930s,’ Perkins said. ‘When a small man with a smaller mustache stood before crowds and proclaimed himself superior to others – I see you here doing the same.’

Public speakers at the state senate are permitted to speak on topics for two minutes before a timer cuts them off. 

Perkins started her speech against Senate Bill 1601 and Senate Bill 12 at a steady pace before quickly raising her voice at the end of her tangent.

She called out lawmakers who claimed they were pushing to restrict drag performances to protect children. 

‘By hiding your bigotry behind children like cowards, you will find yourself on the wrong side of history,’ Perkins said. 

Perkins then went into comparing Texas lawmakers to the Nazi’s Germany and claimed both were anti-gay.

‘Some of the first imprisoned under the Nazi Party rule were homosexual and transgender people,’ Perkins said. ‘Likely the first woman to undergo a successful gender reassignment surgery was killed in that same prison.’

‘When those prison camps were freed by the allies we were the ones who were still kept in prison for our so called crimes – for loving who we love and living our truth.

‘We can see through this veneer legislation and access the intended target – the continued marginalization and othering of the LGBTQIA+ community.’ 

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