Alleged Dallas serial killer indicted on 18th murder charge, accused of murdering the elderly

Billy Chemirmir has now been indicted on 18 different murder charges

A serial killer who allegedly committed heinous murders across North Texas is facing a new charge after a grand jury indictment.

Billy Chemirmir was indicted on December 29 in the death of Glenna Day, 87, who lived at the Tradition-Prestonwood Senior Living Community in Dallas until her death on October 15, 2016.

The indictment was not revealed publicly until this week. 

This is the 18th murder Chemirmir has been charged in connection with, according to Fox 4.

Police claim Chemirmir went on a killing spree in Dallas County and Collin County by posing either as a maintenance or health care worker to reach his victims, who have mostly been elderly.

Chemirmir is scheduled to go to trial for one of the alleged killings in April, as long as the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t postpone the trial.

NBC 5 reports Chemirmir would smother his victims and rob them of their jewelry before escaping.

He would later allegedly sell or pawn the jewelry he stole from his victims.

Glenna Day is the newest victim linked to Chemirmir's alleged killing spree

Glenna Day is the newest victim linked to Chemirmir’s alleged killing spree

Day isn’t the first victim who was staying at the Tradition-Prestonwood Senior Living Community, with eight other deaths connected to Chemirmir there. Three of the victims killed in the same three-month stretch lived on the same floor.

‘You would think after the third death, there would be some flags,’ said Cheryl Kerr, Glenna Day’s daughter. ‘The fourth death? How about the fifth death? The sixth one?’

The families of Day, Juanita Purdy, and Leah Corken have filed a lawsuit against The Tradition-Prestonwood.

‘Those rulings stood for more than 27 months,’ the Tradition-Prestonwood said in regards to the lawsuit back in 2019 about the medical examiner’s determination the three victims died of natural causes. ‘The Tradition-Prestonwood has cooperated with all the authorities and will continue to do so.’

Chemirmir was not connected with the deaths until an attack at Preston Place in Plano resulted in the survival of a victim in March 2018.

Leah Corken, 83

Juanita Purdy, 82

Leah Corken, 83 (left), and Juanita Purdy, 82 (right), were allegedly smothered to death by Chemirmir within weeks of each other in the summer of 2016

Lu Thi Harris, 81

Doris Gleason, 92

Chemirmir was initially charged in 2018 with the murder of 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris (left). In 2019, Chemirmir was indicted on six more murder charges, including the murder of Doris Gleason (right), 92, on October 29, 2016

Phyllis Payne, 91

Norma French, 85

Chemirmir was previously charged with the murder of Phyllis Payne (left), 91, on May 14, 2016, and Norma French (right), 85, who was killed October 8, 2016

His alleged victims have ranged in age from 75 to 94 years old. Chemirmir is being held on bail at $11.6 million at the Dallas County Jail.

Chemirmir is also in the country illegally and the Kenya immigrant has an Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The death penalty is being sought in at least one of the cases, though Chemirmir maintains his innocence.

Medical examiner records obtained by The Dallas Morning News suggests the total count of Chemirmir’s victims could be as many as 24 people. 

The Tradition-Prestonwood Senior Living Community in Dallas was the site of many of the alleged murders, including the October killing of Glenna Day

The Tradition-Prestonwood Senior Living Community in Dallas was the site of many of the alleged murders, including the October killing of Glenna Day

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