Angry Trump rang Rupert Murdoch as Fox News called Arizona for Biden

Furious Donald Trump called Rupert Murdoch to scream at him after Fox called Arizona for Joe Biden – but the media mogul refused to back down

  • Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden before AP, CNN or NBC
  • AP has since called Arizona, but CNN and NBC believe it is too close to call
  • Donald Trump was enraged by the Fox News decision, Vanity Fair reported
  • He rang Rupert Murdoch ‘to scream at him and demand a retraction’ 
  • Murdoch refused and the result stood, putting Fox ahead of its rivals 

Donald Trump rang Rupert Murdoch in a fury on Tuesday night after Fox News became the first to call Arizona for his rival Joe Biden, according to reports.

Trump, who on the morning of the election called into Fox and Friends and complained bitterly at how unfair they had been to him during his presidency, was enraged by Tuesday night’s call.

A source told Vanity Fair that Trump phoned Murdoch, who owns Fox ‘to scream about the call and demand a retraction.’

The 89-year-old media mogul refused to order his staff to retract the Arizona call. 

Trump, pictured in June 2016 with Murdoch and his wife Jerry Hall, was furious at Fox News

Trump, pictured early Wednesday, was enraged by Fox being the first to call Arizona for Biden

Trump, pictured early Wednesday, was enraged by Fox being the first to call Arizona for Biden

Associated Press has called Arizona for Biden, but NBC and CNN are yet to do so. 

Within the network, the decision to announce the Arizona result was greeted with anger, the magazine reported.

Murdoch, 89, refused to bow down to Trump

Murdoch, 89, refused to bow down to Trump

‘We called it long before MSNBC!’ one outraged staffer on the opinion side told the magazine. 

‘We were so worried about being seen as pro-Trump that we bent over backwards.’

Sam Nunberg, a former Trump adviser, accused Fox of ‘voter suppression’, acting to deliberately discourage Trump supporters from bothering to vote.

‘Fox News committed news malpractice and voter suppression last night,’ he told Vanity Fair. 

‘There’s got to be a change there or there will be major consequences. Chris Wallace wouldn’t shut up the whole night! I switched to CNN anytime he came on.’ 

Their decision to call Arizona means that they currently give Biden a higher tally of electoral college votes than rival CNN.

With Nevada expected to declare their results later on Monday night, some were speculating that Fox News would be the first to call it.

‘Fox News has Biden at 264, six away from victory, while many other outlets are at 253,’ tweeted Andrew Kirrel, an editor with the Daily Beast. 

‘So this means if enough NV results come in tonight, Fox News could conceivably be the first outlet to call the election for Biden—and do it during Hannity’s or Ingraham’s show.’


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