Australian bakers are raving about a three-ingredient recipe for banana bread

How to make banana bread with THREE ingredients: Home cook’s simple recipe wows hundreds – and it tastes just like one you’d try in a cafe

  • Home cooks are raving about a simple recipe for slow cooked banana bread
  • It can be made from three ingredients: bananas, condensed milk and flour
  • The mixture should be poured into a cake tin and left in a slow cooker for 2 hours
  • People recommend serving it with melted butter and golden syrup

Australian bakers are raving about a simple recipe for banana bread made from three supermarket ingredients in a slow cooker.

All that’s needed are five ripe bananas, two and a half cups of self-raising flour – roughly 300 grams – and a tin of condensed milk, beaten together into a smooth batter.

The mixture should be poured into a cake tin lined with grease-proof paper and left to bake in a slow cooker – which cost $19 at Kmart – on a ‘high’ heat for two hours.

About three centimetres of water should be poured into the base of the cooker to lock in moisture and ensure the bread bakes evenly throughout, with a tea towel slipped under the lid to absorb condensation.

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This banana bread is made from five bananas, a tin of condensed milk and about 300 grams of self-raising flour

Chefs call this a ‘bain marie‘, the French term for ‘water bath’.

Added moisture from the water prevents the surface of cakes from cracking in much the same way as moisturisers hydrate and strengthen skin.

Photos of the three-ingredient banana bread have drawn delighted responses since they were posted in a Facebook cookery group on Tuesday, with comments including ‘so yummy’, ‘delicious’ and ‘looks great’.

‘I’ve made this a few times, works out well,’ one woman confirmed.

Three-ingredient banana bread

What you need

5 bananas, ripe

300grams self-raising flour

1 tin condensed milk

How to make it 

1. Beat all ingredients into a smooth batter

2. Pour into a lined cake tin 

3. Fill the base of a slow cooker with 3cm of water and place the tin inside.

4. Slip a tea towel under the lid and cook on ‘high’ for two hours.

Source: Slow Cooker Recipes Australia

A second said she planned to make it for her children over the weekend, while a third added: ‘This recipe is awesome!’

Many recommended serving it with melted butter and golden syrup for added flavour.

Others said they added a tablespoon of cinnamon to the mixture to give the bread a sweet yet spicy kick.

The bread could also be filled with chocolate chips or crushed walnuts to enhance the texture.


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