Australian bride is mocked for botched mesh neckline and ivy plant bouquet in Facebook wedding group

Can you spot why everyone is mocking this wedding dress? Bride gets more than she bargained after hundreds blast her for one glaring detail

  • A bride has been brutally mocked in a wedding shaming group on Facebook
  • Photo shows her wearing an off-the-shoulder gown holding a green bouquet
  • Some likened the flower arrangement to a house plant or a bunch of weeds
  • But most laughed at the dress which creates an unfortunate optical illusion

A bride has been brutally mocked after an unfortunate detail on her wedding dress made it look like she had applied fake tan to only half of her body.

A photo shared in an Australian wedding shaming group on Facebook shows the woman, whose face is concealed, wearing an off-the-shoulder gown while holding a green bouquet that appears to be made exclusively of ivy.

Some likened the flower arrangement to a house plant or a bunch of weeds, but most laughed at the mesh part of the dress, which creates an optical illusion that makes the bride look as if she has applied abysmally uneven fake tan across her chest.

The photo, which has racked up 1,100 likes since it was uploaded on January 16, has drawn some amusing responses with hundreds poking fun at the questionable neckline. 

Fake tan fail? The poorly cut mesh neckline of this dress makes the bride look as if she has applied abysmally uneven fake tan across her chest

‘I thought she got a bad spray tan,’ one woman wrote, while a second added: ‘I was thinking, HOW did she get a reverse tan line?!’


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  • Definitely not 3584 votes

‘Damn that mesh. Damn it to hell,’ said a third. 

A fourth said the edge of the poorly tailored fabric looks ‘like a turtleneck cut with safety scissors’.

‘Looks like someone just cut it that morning,’ she added.

Some blasted the low cut V of the dress which exposes more than a generous glimpse of cleavage, with many branding it inappropriate for a wedding.

‘Sometimes what you cannot see is more alluring than what you can. This is one of those times,’ said one. 

Others took aim at the bouquet, with one woman asking: ‘Did she just pick up the closest house plant to hold or what?’

‘That’s a plant from home depot,’ another agreed. 

‘She’s holding an ivy plant. Hmm.. okay,’ added a third, while a fourth wrote: ‘Thought she was holding a potted plant as her bouquet.’ 

A small number defended the dress, arguing the mesh is needed to keep it in place.

‘Mesh is honestly necessary to hold a dress like this up considering that deep V has very little support,’ one woman said.

A second added: ‘My guess is it was supposed to be an illusion neckline but the bride didn’t like the way it looked so she cut it.’


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