British actress Charlotte Kirk speaks out after affairs with Hollywood titans

Charlotte Kirk, 28, pictured in June 2018. She has had affairs with multiple Hollywood heavyweights and now wants to break NDAs she signed in exchange for money after suing them, alleging mistreatment 

British actress Charlotte Kirk, whose affairs with two Hollywood titans ruined their careers, has spoken for the first time since since it became public and after claiming in court that she only submitted to giving directors oral sex because her autism makes her socially awkward. 

Kirk, 28, has been dubbed ‘the mogul slayer’ for her alleged affairs with Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara and vice chair of NBC-Universal Ron Meyer. 

Both men lost their jobs after she alleged that they gave her film-roles or a leg-up in the industry in exchange for sex. They both vehemently denied any quid-pro-quo arrangements. 

Kirk is currently fighting to lift a gag order that prevents her from speaking about her relationship with Meyer. It was a condition of a $2.5million settlement she was awarded after suing him for sexual harassment. 

She also signed one, as part of a $3.3million settlement, to stop her speaking about Tsujihara, Brett Ratner and James Packer. 

While she says she cannot legally discuss any of the men, she gave a interview to Los Angeles Magazine about her career. In it, she said she ‘always loved role-play’ and ‘imagined she was being watched’. 

An anonymous friend is also quoted throughout who gives more details on her affairs, including that she was ‘in love’ with Australian billionaire James Packer and thought he was her ‘Prince Charming’ after he bought her a $65,000 Rolex.  

Kirk’s lawyer claims in court documents that she performed oral sex on Brett Ratner, another power player, because she is ‘socially awkward’ as a result of being autistic, and she did not know what else to do.  

She has also claimed that Meyer forced himself on her, and that Packer physically stopped her from leaving a hotel room to make her have sex with Tsujihara – all of which the men say is untrue.  

In her interview on Friday, she insisted: ‘I’m not a party girl. I’m like an old person, really. My idea of fun is sitting in a nice, cozy place with a cup of tea.’ 

 ‘Due to her difficulty in social situations as a result of her autism, Ms. Kirk, hoping to secure a movie role in order to further her longtime dream of becoming a world-renown actress, submitted to Ratner’s force and performed oral sex

Kirk’s lawyers in a filing about her meeting with Brett Ratner in 2012 

Among the only people quoted in the Los Angeles Magazine interview is Rose McGowan, a #MeToo crusader, who says it’s unsurprising that Kirk’s story has changed from denying that the men mistreated her, to alleging sexual assault and harassment. 

‘It’s very scary to stand up to power. It was scary for me, and I had a microphone. Imagine what it was like for Charlotte, for somebody who doesn’t have a microphone. 

‘Because these powerful men can destroy you. You get punished for standing up,’ she said. 

Kirk also described growing up in Kent, England, which she says she was desperate to leave as a teenager because she was bullied at school.

‘I always loved to role-play. I don’t know if it’s normal, but I always imagined I was being watched,’ she said.  

Being bullied, she said, spurred her on. ‘It pushed me to say, “I’m going to prove you motherf*****s wrong.” 

‘From a young age, I wanted to escape from Kent. I wanted to go to London. I knew that’s where it was at,’ she said.

She first moved to Paris, to model, then to New York City, for acting. 

After a few months, Kirk says she realized she was on the wrong side of the country and uprooted to L.A. She was 19 at the time.  Once in L.A. in 2011, she met Meyer first. 


Ron Meyer

Ron Meyer

Kirk met Meyer in 2012 in London at a party for Snow White and the Huntsman and they hit it off. 

An anonymous friend of hers spoke to the magazine about her relationship with him because she is forbidden from speaking about it. 

‘She was 19. He was 66. She thought of him as a sort of grandfather figure, a powerful man who was interested in her as an actress. 

‘She didn’t think he had any sexual desires for her,’ the friend said. 

Meyer, at the time, was still married to his wife of 25 years, Kelly Chapman. 

The friend describes how despite being a nobody, Kirk was patched through to Meyer’s office ‘right away’ when she called to say she had moved to Los Angeles. He had instructed her to if she was ever in town, the friend says. 

‘She called and got put right through. She wasn’t a celebrity, but when she phoned one of the most powerful men in the industry, he got right on the line,’ the friend said. 

He invited her to visit him on the Universal lot where he ‘flattered her relentlessly.’

‘”You’ve got talent, you’ve got the looks, the camera would love you,” the friend says he told her. 

‘And he picked up the phone and called [producers] Jeffrey Katzenberg, Brian Grazer, and Joel Silver—three of his close friends—and sang her praises in front of her. And, of course, they said, “Send her over.”‘

After she met with the directors, she claims Meyer showed up at her apartment and told her to sleep with him in exchange for the introduction. He denies this. 

‘Driven by extreme pressure and intimidation. Ms. Kirk slept with Mr. Meyer, believing that she had no choice but to submit to his demands,’ her lawyer claims in court documents.  

A week later, she says, he forced himself on her again in a hotel room.  

Kirk has previously claimed in court documents that Meyer forced himself on her during several meetings after introducing her to studio heads and directors. He vehemently denies that they ever had non-consensual sex.

Their affair became public in August, after he stepped down from NBC.  The network had received a draft lawsuit from blackmailers which threatened to expose his affair with Kirk and the fact that he had paid her an undisclosed settlement.

He had been secretly being extorted over it. At the time, it was unclear what the lawsuit was over.  

Meyer stepped down from the network saying he’d had ‘an affair’ with a woman but without naming her. He and his wife separated in 2018.  


Kevin Tsujihara

Kevin Tsujihara

Kirk says she was introduced to former Warner Bros CEO Tsujihara by Packer in a hotel room in the Hotel Bel Air in September 2013. 

She says he texted her saying: ‘What r u doing now? I have the opportunity of a lifetime for u. 

‘Come to Bel-Air now. U will never be able to re pay me. The most important man u can meet.’ 

When she got there, she says she was led into the living room of a hotel suite where ‘a man in a shirt and suit trousers was sitting on a sofa snorting cocaine from a coffee table.’

She made the claim in a court declaration. 

She alleges that she was then instructed by Packer to follow Tsujihara into one of the suite’s bedrooms. Once inside, she said she found him ‘on the bed, naked, on his back.’ 

Kirk says she texted Packer telling him ‘he’s not very nice. He just wants to f**k’. 

She alleges that he responded saying: ‘Be cool.’ 

She claims she tried to leave the room but Packer blocked her way.

‘I felt trapped, overwhelmed, and very afraid of what Mr. Packer might do. I felt powerless to say no,’ she said. 

The pair, for years afterwards, continued having an affair.  In text messages, she complained to him: ‘Kevin? A two-liner? U have got to be kidding me!!’ after being given a small role in the movie How To Be Single.

In 2015, she also wrote in one text to him: ‘You’re very busy I know but when we were in that motel having sex u said u would help me and when u just ignore me like you’re doing now it makes me feel used. Are u going to help me like u said u would?’

It’s unclear exactly how their relationship ended but it was entangled with Kirk’s relationship with Ratner. 

Tsujihara lost his job in 2019 after his texts with Kirk were leaked to The Hollywood Reporter.  


Brett Ratner

Brett Ratner

Kirk says she met Ratner in 2012. He helped her with her visa application, writing to the Department of Homeland Security that she was an ‘extraordinary’ talent because she could remember her lines ‘seamlessly’.

She alleges that he then insisted on her having sex with him in exchange – a claim he strongly denies. 

Her attorneys say she gave him oral sex, 

‘Ms. Kirk refused to sleep with Ratner, but Ratner insisted and demanded that Ms. Kirk perform oral sex. 

‘Due to her difficulty in social situations as a result of her autism, Ms. Kirk, hoping to secure a movie role in order to further her longtime dream of becoming a world-renown actress, submitted to Ratner’s force and performed oral sex.’ 

They say he continued to sexually harass her, including demanding ‘p***y shots’. 

His attorneys say the pair never had sex. Ratner was accused of sexual misconduct by several other women in 2017. He has always denied wrongdoing and even in contemporaneous texts to Kirk, accused her of trying to extort him. 

His texts to her were also included in The Hollywood Reporter. 

In them, he excoriated her for trying to squeeze roles out of Tsujihara, and told her that she should be more grateful for the help she had been given.

‘You told my friend that newline gave u a part because of kevin. U have the big mouth..

‘Call Kevin. I’m not doing anything for u. U are ungrateful and unappreciative. You said u wanted to speak to the producer of Baywatch so I made that happen. You didn’t even thank me for the introduction,’ he said to her in September 2015.

In another, he said to her: “What are u talking about? I told u i would get Richard to talk to u…. And he did. He is the key to getting work…. I don’t work for u. Why are u so unappreciative?’ 

In August 2015, he said: ‘Stop writing Kevin and saying what he told me to do?? I don’t work for him.. That’s insulting to me. “I am helping you but your attitude sucks.. As I said, I don’t owe you anything. If anything u owe me for all the money James paid you. A thank you would be nice.’ 

He later there was proof she had been trying to extort them all, saying: ‘Regardless what you are doing is extortion [and] is very illegal in this country. You can’t take back the extortion u have committed because u have sent text and emails asking for these auditions and jobs.’

And when she threatened ”s**t would hit the fan’, he wrote to her of Tsujihara: ‘He is a married man what are u thinking?’  


James Packer

James Packer

Kirk met Packer in 2013 through Ratner. They had formed a production company called RatPac. 

The day after they met, she says Packer – an Australian billionaire – took her shopping on Rodeo Drive and bought her a $65,000 Rolex. 

Her anonymous friend says she fell ‘in love’ with him. 

‘Charlotte believed she’d met her Prince Charming. She fell in love.’

The friend says that they had an affair for ‘months’ but that she was devastated when he introduced her to Tsujihara. Packer, along with the other men, deny wrongdoing. 

He, Tsujihara and Ratner are all represented by lawyer Marty Singer who says that Kirk has changed her story multiple times.

Indeed, in 2019, when The Hollywood Reporter first published the story, she told the publication: ‘I emphatically deny any inappropriate behaviour on the part of Brett Ratner, James Packer, and Kevin Tsujihara, and I have no claims against any of them. I confirm that I was in a romantic relationship with James Packer in the summer of 2013 and that I was treated with respect by Mr. Packer, and I have no issues with him or claims against him. I further confirm that when the relationship ended I sought the advice of Mr. Tsujihara whom I had been introduced to by Mr. Packer. 

‘Mr. Tsujihara never promised me anything. I also confirm that Brett Ratner helped me out of friendship to assist me in getting auditions and trying to help me find an agent, and I have no issues with him or claims against him. 

‘I deny that there was any legal settlement or agreement entered into between myself and Brett Ratner in 2016.’

Kirk in 2019

Kirk in a recent social media post

Kirk in 2019 (left) denying that she had been the victim of any ill treatment by any of the men and right, in a recent Instagram post

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