Christian pilot gives incredibly personal ‘sermon’ over speaker on American Airlines flight

A Christian pilot has given a very personal sermon over the speaker on an American Airlines flight, telling passengers about his struggle with his sexuality and abuse he endured as a young boy.  

In the footage the unidentified pilot can be heard telling passengers he was ‘raped and molested as a young boy’ before detailing how his life spiralled out of control as a result of the abuse. 

He reveals he considered suicide and how he learned to survive by ‘performing’ in front of friends and family. The pilot then describes how he explored his sexuality, engaging in gay sex despite being married to a woman. 

The sermon is brought to an abrupt end as an angry passenger interrupts the pilot, saying they just want to get off the airplane.  

It is thought the pilot was not on duty at the time but had asked the crew if he could make an announcement at the end of the flight.  

‘I was raped and molested as a young boy’, the pilot says at the start of the video, which shows passengers sitting on the grounded airplane.

‘It does not matter whether it was family member or friend or stranger, it happened and then I was left to deal with it alone.   

‘Even though I was raised by Christians in a church I never felt like I could share that with anyone, I screamed to God that he would take away my sins and thoughts and resulting homosexual tendencies. 

‘My life kept spiralling out of control. I became a sexual addict and turned to pornography.’  

The pilot is then interrupted by a passenger who is apparently uncomfortable with the nature of the story. 

‘It’s okay. I’m sorry if you’re uncomfortable, I just want you to hear me. I’m not trying to tell you what to do’, he says, before resuming his sermon.  

Footage shows a view from the airplane’s window while the pilot gives an extremely personal sermon

He said: ‘I became a sexual addict and turned to pornography. I thought sexual thoughts about both men and women, starting messing around with others who had similar tendencies. 

‘I fought with my siblings and my parents. The only way I knew how to survive was to perform. Perform at school, perform at work, perform amongst friends and family. Every aspect of my life was filled with lies.  

‘I even started of ways to end my life so that I would not hurt anyone else. After high school I moved over 1,000 miles from my home to help my grandparents. 

‘While there, I did what I knew was best – perform. I excelled at academics at the local college. I excelled at serving my grandparents. 

The passenger sat next to the person filming flips through the airplane's safety card while listening to the pilot's sermon

The passenger sat next to the person filming flips through the airplane’s safety card while listening to the pilot’s sermon

He went on: ‘Eventually I learned how to fly at the college, before I knew it I was on track to becoming an airline pilot. I started as a customer service agent, then moved to instruct student pilots, and ultimately began flying as an airline pilot.’

‘All the while I kept performing, as I learnt to do. During this whole time I am searching for answers, answers about my sexual trauma, answers about my sexuality.

‘I got married to a woman almost five years ago, I could not tell her about my pain. I have struggled with homosexuality, even though I was in love with her. 

‘Just over one year into our marriage I began to give in to the pressure of being gay. I asked other gay crew members about their lifestyle and what led them to becoming gay. 

‘Pretty soon I was taking part in that lifestyle. I had sex with men and would come home from work trips and pretend that nothing happened. I met someone that I thought could help me.’

The pilot is then interrupted again. He explained to passengers ‘I want to share the love of Christ with you.

‘If you feel uncomfortable, that’s fine… Thank you so much.’

Footage of the extremely personal sermon showed people wearing masks sat on the grounded plane

Footage of the extremely personal sermon showed people wearing masks sat on the grounded plane

An angry passenger is then heard launching a foul mouthed tirade, telling the pilot ‘I’m going to sue your ass’.  

‘F*** you and your story. F*** you… We’ve got lives to live. Hey man… figure it out… I don’t give a sh*t about you.’ 

The sermon is believed to have taken place on an American Airlines flight on June when it landed after being delayed three and a half hours because of an air conditioning problem.  

It was not clear what the pilot’s motives were but Reddit users speculated he intended to encourage passengers to become Christians. 

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