Cop and two women are among four killed after bloody street shoot out in Georgia

Breaking news: Cop and two women are among four killed after bloody street shootout that also left boy, 12, shot in the face

  • Four people were killed in a bloody street shootout in Georgia on Tuesday night
  • Police officer among the dead identified as Field Training Officer Henry Laxson
  • He is the third office killed in the line of duty in the past month, eighth this year

The slain officer was identified as Henry Laxson, a Field Training Officer (pictured)

A police officer and two women are among four people killed last night in Georgia after a bloody street shootout that also left a 12-year-old boy shot in the face. 

The slain cop, identified as Field Training Officer Henry Laxson, is the third officer killed in the line of duty in the past month, and the eighth this year.   

Police said the wild shooting occurred in residential neighborhood 3600 block of Jervis Court, Rex, Georgia. 

It unfolded after cops received reports of a woman and a young boy being shot at two separate locations at around 8.40pm ET.  

The shooting took place as officers responded to ‘multiple calls’ about gunfire and domestic violence, Clayton County police Chief Kevin Roberts said during a Wednesday morning news conference at around 2.30am.

As they arrived, officers were met by a boy who had been shot in the face, Roberts said. He was able to lead officers to a residence where the gunman was located, he added.

The suspected immediately fired on the officers with a handgun, Roberts said, forcing them to flee to safety while the suspect retreated into the residence.

There, he was confronted by other officers who had approached the home from its rear, leading to an exchange of gunfire, the Chief said. 

Laxson suffered fatal injuries, while the other officer, identified as Alex Chandler, received a wound to his hand and is expected to survive, Robert said. 

Police returned fire, and the suspect was struck and killed, he added. 

Police received another call about a child shot at a second location. By the time officers arrived, they found the child and one of the women in the yard. 

They said that while they were trying to render aid, someone started firing on the officers from an unknown location. 

The suspect was killed during the exchange of gunfire with officers. Police did not identify the victims or the shooter.

‘These men and women do an honorable job every day,’ Roberts said, ‘and it’s unfortunate that we have to make these reports time and time again. 

‘My heart aches for every police officer and their family that go through these type of things. These things just shouldn’t happen.’ 

The boy was later transported to hospital, where he was listed in critical condition in the early hours of Wednesday. 

Police later discovered two women dead among ‘multiple victims’ inside the home, the chief said. 

Laxson is the third north Georgia police officer killed in the line of duty since November, WSB-TV reports.

Henry County Officer Paramhans Desai was shot as he attempted to make an arrest on November 5. He died from his injuries days later.

Jackson County Deputy Lena Marshall was also shot at a separate call on November 5 when she responded to a domestic incident. She died from her injuries on November 8.

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