Couple are spotted having sex on communal patio in Surry Hills apartment block in Sydney

Raunchy moment a couple enjoy a VERY public sexcapade on their rooftop – and the frosted window didn’t spare their neighbours’ blushes

  • Couple were spotted having sex in the communal area on Wednesday morning 
  • Shocking sight was filmed at a garden and barbecue area in Surry Hills, Sydney
  • Neighbour who filmed the sight said he thought the couple wanted to be seen 

A couple have been caught enjoying an intimate moment on a public outdoor patio – much to the horror of nearby neighbours working from home. 

Sydneysiders got the fright of their lives when they spotted the naked pair together in an apartment block’s communal garden and barbecue area on Holt Street, in Surry Hills at about 11am on Wednesday.

The man and woman left little to the imagination and although they were behind frosted glass, they quickly became the talk of the neighbourhood.

A nearby resident managed to film the shocking event which happened just above a string of popular cafes and restaurants.

‘I got the shock of my life, working here from home and next thing I looked up and see that going on,’ the witness told Daily Mail Australia.

‘They started with tops on, from what I could see through the frosted glass…then it escalated and there was definitely no clothes on anymore. 

‘They clearly knew they were being watched. It’s in full view of all these apartments, the street even.’

The onlooker said many residents living in nearby apartments stopped to enjoy the show with the couple clearly not having a care in the world.  

A couple were filmed having sex in a communal garden and barbecue area in Surry Hills on Wednesday morning


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