Cuomo says he expects 170,000 doses of Pfizer’s vaccine this weekend

Cuomo says he expects 170,000 doses of Pfizer’s vaccine this weekend and will start giving them out to nursing home residents, staff and hospital workers as soon as next WEEK before the general public in February

  • Cuomo said he’ll receive the first doses if the vaccine is approved this weekend
  • His own panel is then going to review it before dishing them out across the state
  • New York City will receive 72,000 from the first batch to give to those most in need
  • Nursing home residents and healthcare workers will go first then essential workers will receive them 
  • The general public will be able to get the vaccine towards the end of January, start of February, in New York, if there are enough doses 

Gov Cuomo says he will start vaccinating people immediately, as soon as next week, once the vaccine is approved

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said New York state may receive 170,000 doses of Pfizer‘s vaccine this weekend and that if approved, he’ll start dishing them out to nursing home residents and healthcare workers as soon as next week. 

The vaccine has still not yet been approved by the FDA but that could come as early as tomorrow. 

Then, Cuomo’s own panel of experts will review it to ensure it is safe before rolling it out. 

He will then distribute the doses across the state. 

New York City will get 72,000 doses and everywhere else will get amounts that correlate to their local populations. 

First in line will be nursing home residents who are considered high risk. Then, it will roll out across all healthcare workers and essential workers, before being made available to the general public. 

Cuomo says that will likely happen towards the end of January or the start of February – one of the most optimistic timelines so far. 

What is unclear though is whether or not there will actually be enough doses of the vaccine available to vaccinate the public then. 

The federal government is still in negotiations with Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies in a bad dash to acquire as many doses as possible. 

Vaccinating 75 percent of the country will take until at least next summer, they said. 


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