Fifth female beating victim at Brooklyn subway station as woman, 26, reports attack from stranger

Fifth female beating victim at same Brooklyn subway station: Woman, 26, is pushed against wall and repeatedly punched in head by stranger

  • Woman, 26, reported being attacked by man wearing face covering on Saturday 
  • She was assaulted at the same station where four other women have been hit 
  • Police arrested man, 50, in connection with attacks and was released by Friday
  • Four women, aged between 24 and 32, reported similar attacks at the station 

A fifth woman has reported being punched by a stranger at the same Brooklyn subway station after a string of attacks since November. 

Police charged a man in connection with the four nighttime attacks at the East Williamsburg station last week before he was released from custody by Friday, the New York Post reports.

The following day a 26-year-old woman reported being physically assaulted at the same Morgan Avenue station. 

She told police a man wearing a face covering pushed her against a wall and repeatedly punched her in the head on the stairs of the stop on Saturday night.

Police said the attacker fled the scene and the victim was treated at the scene. 

A fifth woman, 26, has been attacked at the Morgan Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as she was on the stairs of the subway stop. Picture: Stock

Four other women have reported being assaulted at the L train station, the first on November 17 and the last, before the most recent attack, taking place on December 28. 

All the women were aged between 24 and 32 and had been walking on stairs or ramps when they were attacked but were not robbed. 

The November 17 attack took place at around 8pm when a woman, 24, who was punched in the face ‘multiple times’ when someone came from behind her on the stairs. 

Again, the attacked fled the scene and the woman had cuts on her forehead and nose. 

The next assault at the station happened on December 11 at around 9.15pm, with another 24-year-old victim. 

Again, she was walking on the stairs when she was struck from behind on the left side of her face. 

Four woman, aged between 24 to 32, had been walking on the stairs of the station when they were randomly attacked

Four woman, aged between 24 to 32, had been walking on the stairs of the station when they were randomly attacked

On December 26 at around 8.50pm a third woman was punched in her left eye while she walked down the stairs at the Williamsburg station. 

At around 4.55pm on December 28 a 32-year-old female reported someone she didn’t know hit her in the face after she got off the train and walked to the token booth. 

She was taken to Woodhull Hospital and and the attack is said to have caused ‘laceration, bruising and swelling’. 

The victim on December 26 identified a 50-year-old man, to police after they canvassed the area with her on Wednesday. 

The man, whose last known address was a project in the East village, was arrested and charged with four counts of third-degree assault  and was released by Friday.

It has not been confirmed as to whether the man has been arrested previously and no motive was given.  

On Thursday two officers were seen patrolling the station before getting on the L train. 


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