Five key questions for the Duke of York and Virginia Roberts

What was the reason for Prince Andrew’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and why did Virginia Roberts leave ‘orgy’ claim out of her memoir? The five key questions for the Duke of York and his accuser

Virginia Roberts maintains she had sex with the Duke of York on three occasions: in 2001 in London, in New York and on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Little St James.

He emphatically denies her claims and says he cannot even recall meeting her, despite a picture of them together at Ghislaine Maxwell’s London house — allegedly taken on March 10 of that year.

As the Mail concludes its ground-breaking forensic investigation into their claims and counter-claims, each party is left with further difficult questions to answer.

Virginia Roberts claims in her memoir that she had three sexual encounters with Prince Andrew, and that she was trafficked by Jeffery Epstein


1. What was the principal reason behind your long relationship with the billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein?

2. What happened during your still unexplained ‘private time’ in New York in Easter Week 2001?

3. How much taxpayers’ money did you ‘save’ by staying at Epstein’s mansion in New York?

4. Why did you delay your family holiday in the Bahamas in April 2001 to fly to Epstein’s private island?

5. Do you now understand why you are seen as lacking empathy for how the victims of Epstein must feel?

Pictured: Prince Andrew goes for an early morning drive at Windsor Castle on Monday

Pictured: Prince Andrew goes for an early morning drive at Windsor Castle on Monday


1. Why in your memoir The Billionaire’s Playboy Club did you not say that the Duke took part in an orgy with you on Little St James, and then allege it in later legal depositions?

2. Why did you claim you had an ‘erotic’ stay with the Duke at Zorro Ranch, then deny such an event took place in questioning under oath?

3. Can you explain why your description of the bath at Ghislaine Maxwell’s home, where you say you had sex with the Duke, is different to the floor plans?

4. Tramp nightclub has never had a VIP area and the Duke never drinks alcohol. Are you certain you went dancing at the club and drank together?

5. Do you recall seeing the Duke on Little St James in April 2001, around four months before the alleged Russian orgy incident involving you, him and others? 


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