‘In all probability’: Biden says Americans face MORE restrictions due to Indian ‘Delta’ variant

‘In all probability’: Biden says US should expect NEW restrictions due to Indian ‘Delta’ variant following publication of dire study: CDC Director says federal vaccine mandate IS on the cards

  • Joe Biden on Friday night told Americans to expect more COVID-19 restrictions
  • On Tuesday the CDC made a U-turn and recommended once again face masks
  • On May 18 the CDC had announced that face masks were no longer necessary
  • Biden spoke on Friday after CDC published the data behind Tuesday’s decision
  • It showed that the Delta variant is significantly more of a threat than believed
  • Fully vaccinated people are able to spread the virus, it now emerges
  • Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director, said that a federal vaccine mandate was being considered
  • Multiple private sector employers, plus some state and federal agencies, have started bringing in rules making vaccines mandatory, to avoid regular testing 

Joe Biden on Friday night warned Americans that new restrictions were coming, as the Delta variant causes COVID-19 caseloads across the country to soar.

The president, leaving the White House for a weekend at Camp David, was asked whether new rules were likely to be introduced.

‘In all probability,’ he said, without expanding.

On Tuesday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its guidance to recommend the wearing of face masks indoors, in areas where there is considerable transmission of the virus.

The new advice applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. 

Joe Biden is seen on Friday, during a meeting at the White House. Later in the day he told reporters that ‘in all probability’ new restrictions would be coming, owing to the rapid spread of COVID-19

To counter the rising raise of infection, the White House is pushing for Americans to get their COVID vaccine but has said repeatedly they won’t mandate people get their shot in the arm.

‘Yesterday, almost a million people got vaccinated, about half a million people for the first time,’ Biden said, calling it ‘good news.’

Biden is requiring the more than two million employees of the federal government get vaccinated or submit to regular COVID testing. 

The White House has said vaccine requirements are up to private businesses. 

On Friday, Disney and Wal-Mart, two of America’s largest employers, announced a vaccine requirement for their employees.


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