Indoor dining in New York City will STOP on Monday 

BREAKING NEWS: Indoor dining in New York City will STOP on Monday despite it being to blame for less than 1.34 percent of new COVID cases

Governor Cuomo has announced that indoor dining in New York City will end on Monday, despite dining as a whole being to blame for only 1.34 percent of the new COVID cases coming in. 

It will continue in other parts of the state but Cuomo said it’s ending in New York City because hospitalizations are on the rise. The decision is the latest blow to the restaurant industry which is already hanging by a thread. 

Now, their only options are to offer outdoor seating under heaters but with temperatures plunging to freezing and with many more months of winter ahead, it has not been enough to draw in customers. 

An estimated 12,000 restaurants in NYC will close by the end of the pandemic, according to previously released data.

The number one driver of new cases is at home gatherings which are accounting for 74 percent of the new infections. 

Staten Island has by far the worst problem of anywhere in the city – 25 percent of the statewide deaths on Thursday were there despite it accounting for just five percent of the population. 

Manhattan, where most restaurants are, has had consistently lower infection rate than any other borough but the entire city will be subject to the indoor dining ban. 


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