Is THIS what a kitchen of the future will look like?

Is THIS what kitchens will look like in 2041? Experts predict the must-have features of the future – from a rubbish bin that generates energy to cupboards that open when you clap

  • One in five Brits is planning to renovate their kitchen in the next year after spending so much time at home
  • German kitchen firm Kutchenhaus carried out a survey to find what features are most desirable 
  • Used the information and industry knowledge to design a graphic illustrating a ‘kitchen of the future’ 
  • Said in 20 years there will be blinds that detect sunlight, a virtual kitchen assistant and a digital ‘home hub’


From rubbish bins that generate electricity to cupboards that open when you clap, these are some of the futuristic inventions that could soon be commonplace in our kitchens, according to experts. 

German kitchen firm Kutchenhaus created a graphic illustrating the 15 features they predict will be added to the average kitchen in the next 20 years.

It comes as a survey revealed one in five British homeowners are planning on renovating their kitchen in the next 12 months after spending more time at home than ever during lockdown

Asked what is most important when it comes to designing a new kitchen, respondents said ‘accessibility’ is their biggest priority, followed by storage. 

‘With the rate at which technology is changing, it is no surprise that we are dreaming of Smart products and interactive appliances to help speed up our time spent in the kitchen,’ Chris Smith, owner of the Kutchenhaus franchise in Warrington told FEMAIL. 

‘You can see by our design that the future kitchen is accessible for everyone as well as allowing plenty of light into the room. Our kitchens will be mostly open planned, centered around an island for socialising with smart, tucked away appliances.’ Here he talks through the features of the future… 

German kitchen firm Kutchenhaus created a graphic (pictured) illustrating the 15 features they predict will be added to the average kitchen in the next 20 years

Air purifier and odour eliminator sensor: This will use sensors to evaluate the air quality in the kitchen and decide if your room needs freshening up, making you feel more comfortable.

Home hub unit: This will act as the heart of your smart home network, tying together all the devices and systems and effectively being the centralised platform. It will also give people a single smart home application that oversees other systems and applications in every room of the house from the kitchen, as well as allowing internet access, phone updates and anything else you need or want.

Voice controlled mood lighting: This is an LED lighting system that beautifully transforms the atmosphere of any room and presets can be made for different times and scenarios, making automated lighting easy anytime of day. This is already available with the likes of Phillips Hue lighting.

Virtual Kitchen Assistant (C.H.E.F): Providing further integration on SMART speakers, this will support you with all needs for the kitchen, whether it’s setting timers, guidance about a recipe, ordering ingredients and even temperature control of the room or an appliance.

Food-waste powered home generator: All food that isn’t consumed within your home can be mulched down and the compost will then be turned into energy that will help provide energy to your home.

Self-ordering cooking appliance: This will use a revolutionary new way of cooking called volumetric cooking. New Miele ovens allow you to put all ingredients into the oven at the same time such as with a roast and it cooks them all at different speeds so they finish at the same time! They also have prebuilt in recipes and can even automate your shopping as they order the ingredients for you from the internet to be delivered to your home – it won’t be long until this is very popular.

SMART fridge: Very common now, we have seen a sharp rise in people asking about these when enquiring about a new kitchen. SMART fridges are able to identify items stored in it and keep track of important details such as expiry dates and usage by working on a barcode system.

Self-opening appliances and units: These are already available and allow you to open them from signals such as tapping on the worktop or by clapping when getting closer to them.

Self-dispensing dishwasher: Also readily available, these will save time by dispensing their own detergent and by being turned on while you’re out of the house via an app so dishes are clean when you get home. This is already available through the Miele Autodos.

Solar powered lighting: Through the solar panels on the roof, the lights will save energy by using this power therefore lowering your energy bills.

Auto activating blinds: Saving you time and energy, they can detect weather and how light it is to close when the time is right, making a room feel cosier when it needs to be as well as allowing the sun in during the day. They can also be overruled by any presets you wish to make.

Beverage and hot water tap: A popular choice already in new kitchens, these taps take little energy to keep water heated. Water only starts to boil when the tap is turned on and will save you time when making a coffee in the morning or adding water to boil your pasta at teatime. The likes of Quooker are well known for their boiling water taps.

Integrated weighing scales on the counter: On the market already through Elica, these scales fit into the kitchen side seamlessly and weigh ingredients whenever you need them to, so you’re never worrying about where to find scales.

SMART temperature-controlled wine store: This will work out the perfect temperature for any beverage so that it offers the best taste when you want to drink it.

AI-powered home security: Facial recognition will be the norm with this device as it makes sure your home is safe. There will be other factors that allow it to know you are safe such as keys and codes being connected via your smartphone, allowing the technology to know someone is meant to be there.


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