Joe Biden demands Donald Trump go on TV to order his ‘extremist mob’ out of the Capitol NOW

Joe Biden calls Trump mob storming Congress ‘an insurrection’ and blames Donald Trump for ‘stoking the flames of hate and chaos’ in address to the nation just before president tells supporters ‘we love you, go home now’

President-elect Joe Biden told President Donald Trump to order his ‘extremist mob’ out of the U.S. Capitol, calling the attack an ‘insurrection’ and blaming the president for ‘stoking the flames of hate and chaos.’

‘I call on President Trump to go on national television to fulfill his oath and defend the Constitution and demand an end to this siege,’ Biden said Wednesday from Wilmington, Delaware

The president-elect labeled the group ‘extremists’ and said they were ‘dedicated to lawlessness.’ 

Trump released a video message after Biden had concluded, telling the rioters to ‘go home now’ as he fawned on them, ‘We love you, you’re very special.’ 

‘We had an election that was stolen from us,’ Trump also falsely continued to claim.   

President-elect Joe Biden called on President Donald Trump to go on television to call off his ‘extremist mob’ that stormed Capitol Hill as lawmakers were trying to certify the Electoral College results 

Biden called Trump supporters storming the Capitol an ‘unprecedented assault’ on democracy. 

‘Like anything we’ve seen in modern times,’ Biden uttered.  

‘This is not dissent, this is disorder,’ Biden said. 

Biden remarked that he’s often said that the ‘words of a president matter.’ 

‘You’ve heard me say this before, in a different context.’ 

‘At their worst they can incite,’ Biden said.  

He then called on Trump to make a televised statement – a step the president has refused to take. 

The president has instead watched the violent outbursts from the Oval Office after telling his supporters that Vice President Mike Pence and Reublican lawmakers had the power to overturn the results of the election. 

Those statements aren’t true. 

Biden, who started his political career as a U.S. senator, remarked that he couldn’t believe what he was seeing as rioters smashed windows, occupied Congressional offices and got to both the House and Senate floor. 

‘It’s not a protest, it’s an insurrection,’ the soon-to-be president said. ‘I am generally shocked and saddened,’ Biden added, calling it an especially ‘dark moment.’  

He said once he took office in two weeks, he would work on a ‘restoration of democracy,’ to help the U.S build back from this moment. 

‘So President Trump, step up, Biden said, before leaving the stage and answering no questions.  


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