Man accused of cutting penis off wife’s lover faces up to 30 years

Alex Bonilla, 51, from Florida, is expected to plead guilty to cutting of his romantic rival’s penis with a pair of scissors and disposing of it after catching the victim in the act with his wife 

A Florida man claims he ‘blacked out’ when he barged into the mobile home of his wife’s lover, tied him up in the bedroom and then used a pair of scissors to cut off his penis, while assuring the bleeding victim that ‘this is normal.’

Alex Bonilla, 51, is expected to appear in Gilcrest County Court on Thursday and plead guilty to charges of kidnapping to inflict bodily harm or to terrorize; burglary while armed with explosives or a dangerous weapon; aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Bonilla, a married father-of-five dairy worker, has been jailed since July 2019, when he was arrested for allegedly mutilating his wife’s 32-year-old lover and next-door neighbor at his home in the Gainesville suburb of Bell.

Doctors have been unable to re-attach the victim’s sex organ, leaving the married father-of-two unable to urinate normally, or have intercourse with his wife, according to court documents.

Prosecutors plan to ask a judge to sentence Bonilla to 30 years in state prison, which is the maximum sentence that is allowed under law, reported The Smoking Gun.

According to a graphic pre-sentence report that was filed in January by the Florida Department of Corrections, the violent incident began unfolding on July 14, 2019, two months after Bonilla caught his wife having sex with their married neighbor and family friend while babysitting the man’s two children.

On the day of the confrontation, Bonilla said he observed his neighbor looking at his house and decided to go talk to him.

Bonilla said as they spoke in the victim’s bedroom, he told his rival: ‘you need to stay away from my wife and leave her alone,’ which allegedly angered the other man and prompted him to physically tackle Bonilla.

‘The defendant stated he then blacked out and doesn’t remember anything from that point until he was at work and was arrested,’ according to the document.

But the victim’s statement to the authorities tells a very different story.

The incident took place in July 2019 at the victim's home in Bell, Florida (pictured), which is located just 50 yards away from Bonilla's trailer

The incident took place in July 2019 at the victim’s home in Bell, Florida (pictured), which is located just 50 yards away from Bonilla’s trailer 

According to the mutilated man, on the day of the attack Bonilla entered his home without permission while the victim was making breakfast for his two daughters.

Standing in the doorway with a gun tucked under his arm, Bonilla declared to him, ‘I came here to fix something,’ and then led him to a bedroom and closed the door behind them.

Bonilla allegedly made the victim sit on the bed and put a gun to his head, then pulled a two-foot metal pipe from inside his pants and said he was going to break every bone ‘for every lie the [victim] told.’

The victim fell to his knees and begged Bonilla to spare him and leave, at which point the suspect restrained his arms behind his back and told him: ‘You are not going to die, but you are going to have something to remember this for your whole life.’

According to the document, Bonilla then forced the bound man to stand up and pulled down his underwear, exposing his penis.

‘The victim stated that he asks what he was doing but the defendant told him “this is normal you will not die today,”‘ stated the report.

Bonilla then allegedly took out a pair of gloves and tied a rubber band around the base of the victim’s penis several times to cut off the circulation.

Having completed these preparations, Bonilla produced a pair of scissors from his pocket and told the victim: ‘this is for all the women you have been having relationships with,’ at which point he proceeded to cut off his wife’s lover’s manhood.

‘The victim stated that he tried to move to get way and to not scream because of his children in the house,’ but Bonilla threw him to the floor and pressed his knee into his chest so he could not move.

According to the victim’s statement, Bonilla was unable to cut through the penis quickly and ‘was getting frustrated because blood was going everywhere.’

Bonilla would stop at times and place the gun back to the victim’s head. He carried on with the mutilation until most of his romantic rival’s penis ‘was finally cut off,’ according to the statement.

The victim said he was lying on the floor bleeding, shaking due to shock and trying to not vomit.

Bonilla told him: ‘Don’t act this way, this is normal, and if you try to call the police, I will be out in two months and I will come back and finish this.’

When Bonilla opened the bedroom door to leave, grasping three quarters of the victim’ member in his hands, he found the victim’s oldest daughter lying on the floor and watching through the crack between the floor and the bottom of the door.

Deputies found and arrested Bonilla at around 3pm at the Alliance Dairies where he worked.  

Bonilla, a married father-of-five dairy worker, allegedly tied the victim up in the bedroom, removed his shorts, put a rubber band at the base of the man's penis and proceeded to cut off his penis as payback for having sex with his wife

Bonilla, a married father-of-five dairy worker, allegedly tied the victim up in the bedroom, removed his shorts, put a rubber band at the base of the man’s penis and proceeded to cut off his penis as payback for having sex with his wife  

The victim’s penis was never recovered. The married dad said that ‘urinating and the ability to have sex with his wife has been messed up for the rest of his life.’

The man’s doctors have told him that he will never have any sensation in whatever remains of his sex organ.

Bonilla emigrated from El Salvador to the US in 1990 and had worked at a dairy for 20 years. He has two children from his first marriage in his native country and three children with his second wife. 

Corrections officials recommended that Bonilla be incarcerated instead of being placed under community supervision, noting that the man would most likely return to his home in Bell, which is located less than 50 yards away from the victim’s.

‘The chances of retaliation by the defendant would be high,’ they warned.    

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