Marjorie Taylor Greene doubles down on conspiracy theories

Under-fire Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene raised conspiracy theories at a town hall Thursday that the election was stolen from her ally President Donald Trump, saying it ‘still needs to be looked at’ and should be argued in court.

She made the claim after President Joe Biden had already completed more than a week in office, and even many Republicans who acted against him acknowledged he won the election. 

She talked up challenge to the electoral count that immediately preceded and succeeded the MAGA riot in the Capitol January 6. 

‘We had been preparing very hard, quite a few of us in the House and some of our senators to object, on January 6, to election fraud and objecting and six different states,’ she said. 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene continued to raise conspiracy theories about electoral fraud at a town hall in her district Thursday night. Party leaders gave her a seat on the House Education and Labor Committee, despite her comments about the Parkland and Sandy Hook school shootings

‘We had done a lot of work in our preparation, talked to a lot of people. Looked at a lot of evidence that I think still needs to be looked at and should be presented in court, I truly believe that,’ she said. Ultimately, only challenges to the Arizona and Pennsylvania count got voted on because no senators would object to additional states following the riot.

She defended her position, also put forward by Trump and his legal team in the weeks after the Nov. 3 election. 

‘See, this wasn’t a conspiracy of several people that got together and created a story. This is literally thousands of people in different states and different voting precincts different counties. And they all signed these affidavits,’ she said at a town hall in Dallas, Georgia. 

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy met with President Trump Thursday. Democrats have called on him to take away Greene's committee assignments

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy met with President Trump Thursday. Democrats have called on him to take away Greene’s committee assignments

At an earlier rally, Greene criticized a violent mob that ransacked the Capitol. She said it got in the way of her challenge to the election results, which was backed by more than 100 House Republicans

At an earlier rally, Greene criticized a violent mob that ransacked the Capitol. She said it got in the way of her challenge to the election results, which was backed by more than 100 House Republicans

She cited affidavits assembled by President Trump's legal team

She cited affidavits assembled by President Trump’s legal team

She tried to make hay out of lawmakers who have pushed to take away her committee assignments or even have her voted out of Congress. ‘Right now they’re trying to expel me from Congress she said. ‘It’s a witch hunt.’ 

She made the statements on a day when House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy flew to Mar-a-Lago to meet with former President Trump, who repeatedly praised Greene while in office, even with her support for QAnon conspiracy theories already in the public realm.

New reporting has unearthed additional conspiracy theories she has promoted, while newly unearthed video shows her haranguing a then-18 year old David Hogg, a survivor of a school shooting, on Capitol Hill. 

At a previous town hall in Rome, Georgia, she said she was ‘proud’ she objected to counting the electoral votes from states that went for Joe Biden. She called the attack on the Capitol ‘awful’ and the ‘unfortunate thing of the attack on the Capitol i it ruined our objection.’ 

She wrote on Facebook that she believed California‘s deadliest wildfire was potentially caused by space lasers that were connected to the Rothschilds and former Gov. Jerry Brown to clear the way for a high-speed rail system. 

In an April 2018 post of Greene’s on the Iran nuclear deal, Greene responded to a commenter who asked her, ‘Now do we get to hang them ?? Meaning H & O???,’ the individual asked, referring to former President Barack Obama and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

‘Stage is being set. Players are being put in place. We must be patient. This must be done perfectly or liberal judges would let them off,’ Greene replied. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lambasted GOP leadership for putting Greene on the House’s Education committee since she’s also expressed she doesn’t believe school shootings like Sandy Hook and Parkland actually happened.

Most of Greene’s GOP colleagues have remained silent, and GOP leaders put her on the House Education and Labor Committee despite her baseless doubts about school shootings that shook the nation. 

Two journalists were kicked out of a public town hall event and threatened with arrest for trying to ask a question of Republican U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has come under heavy criticism for supporting social media posts that advocated violence against Democratic officials.

The journalists from WRCB-TV were invited to attend the Wednesday event in Dalton, Georgia, and were given credentials for it, Callie Starnes, WRCB-TV´s news director, told The Associated Press.

“Once we arrived we were told we were not allowed to speak to guests or the congresswoman,” the reporter, Meredith Aldis, said on the station´s broadcast Wednesday night.

In a video posted online by the Chattanooga, Tennessee-based news station, the reporter can be heard starting to ask Greene a question when the congresswoman stops her and says, “I´m talking to my constituents.”

A staffer from Greene´s office then approaches the reporter and tells her to leave, before he calls over a sheriff´s deputy.

The deputy accuses the reporter of “criminally trespassing” and says: “If you don´t leave you´re going to go to jail.” 

Starnes said Aldis was asking Greene about her social media posts and calls for her to be expelled from Congress because of them.

The Whitfield County Sheriff´s Office declined to comment and directed questions to Greene´s office.

Nick Dyer, a spokesman for Greene, said in an email: “This was a town hall for constituents. Not a press conference. Every attendee (besides media) was allowed to ask a question and Congresswoman Greene answered every question.”

Greene, who was sworn in to office earlier this month, represents northwest Georgia´s 14th Congressional District. Throughout her campaign last year, she sought to tightly control news media coverage, often not allowing certain news organizations to attend events and giving interviews only sparingly.

A die-hard supporter of former President Donald Trump, Greene has a long history of incendiary social media posts – including ones in which she expressed racist views and support for QAnon conspiracy theories, which focus on the debunked belief that top Democrats are involved in child sex trafficking, Satan worship and cannibalism. Most of her pronouncements were reported publicly before she won her Republican primary in August and the general election in November.

Greene has also spread false claims about the integrity of November´s presidential election – repeating Trump’s baseless allegations of fraud – and railed against public health requirements implemented to slow the spread of the coronavirus. And in social media posts reported by Media Matters for America, a liberal watchdog group, Greene pushed conspiracy theories or “liked” posts that challenged the veracity of mass shootings at schools in Newtown, Connecticut, and Parkland, Florida.

A report from CNN published earlier this week surfaced social media activity where Greene showed support for Facebook posts that advocated violence against Democrats and the FBI, including posts that called for the death of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former President Barack Obama.

Greene tweeted a response, saying: “Many posts have been liked. Many posts have been shared. Some did not represent my views.”

That´s led to another round of strong condemnation from Democrats and even some fellow Republicans.

Pelosi excoriated House Republican leaders Thursday for appointing Greene to the chamber´s education committee, saying that Greene had “mocked the killing of little children,” a reference to the shooting at a Newtown elementary school.

A spokesman for House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy said in a statement to Axios that the posts were “deeply disturbing” and said McCarthy would “have a conversation” with Greene about them.

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