McDonald’s employee reveals three facts that might put you off going through drive-thru

Secrets of a McDonald’s drive-thru worker: Fast food employee reveals three facts that might put you off ordering in your car

  • A McDonald’s employee in New Zealand has spilled a host of company secrets
  • Claiming the servers can hear everything you say while in your car in drive-thru
  • He also said a camera takes mugshots of you when you place an order  

A McDonald’s employee has sent fans of the fast food restaurant into a tailspin after revealing exactly what they can hear – and see – when customers order their meals at the drive-thru.

TikTok user and McDonald’s worker @charlton.a, who lives in New Zealand, shared vision of himself sitting behind the cafe counter serving drive-thru customers on October 12.

In the revealing footage the university student claimed that workers can hear everything customers say even before they reach the counter to order and a mugshot photo is taken of them behind the wheel so employees know who to hand certain orders over to.

In a final telling reveal Charlton said the particular restaurant he works at sells recipe books so fast food addicts can get their McDonald’s fix from home and cook the famous burgers and fries themselves. 

‘We can hear everything you’re saying even when our mic is off,’ Charlton started the video by saying, unnerving many of his viewers.

When ordering through the drive-thru lane the microphones at the ordering site are said to pick up everything customers are saying – even before it crackles to life to take your order. 

This particular revelation left customers watching Charlton’s video feeling embarrassed, with some claiming they had said ‘things no one’s allowed to know about’.

The next fact in the video read: ‘Our cameras take mugshot photos of you so we know which order is yours’.

TikTok user charlton.a has shared secrets from working as an employee for fast food restaurant McDonald’s (pictured, the three facts about Maccas)

But commenters were quick to ask: ‘So how can you still get the order wrong then?’

‘If this is true: Why do you always ask if it’s my order that I’m paying for?’ One user queried.

Others thought it would be funny to play tricks on the newly-discovered camera: ‘Next time I’m going through a Maccas drive-thru I’m using a voice changer and picking my nose at the camera’. 

Charlton dropped a final bombshell in his TikTok video that suggested there is a recipe book customers can purchase so they can recreate the Maccas meals at home.

Viewers have been left red-faced after the worker revealed they can hear everything you say over their headpiece (pictured, McDonald's in Yallambie)

Viewers have been left red-faced after the worker revealed they can hear everything you say over their headpiece (pictured, McDonald’s in Yallambie)

Other McDonald’s workers in the comments section of the video confirmed this fact to be true, saying this video would see a ‘100 per cent rise in sales’ of the recipe books. 

But not everyone was convinced they existed. 

‘Now you’re going to have people asking for recipe books at my store and we don’t have them,’ one fellow McDonald’s employee wrote. 

Fans of the fast food restaurant in Australia and New Zealand will be hesitant to say anything out-of-tune in the drive-thru from now on.

Daily Mail Australia has reached out to McDonald’s for comment. 


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