Moment Parkour expert attempts urban running jump in London but plummets nearly 20ft to the ground

Bit of a parkour fail! Moment man, 28, attempts amazing urban running jump across buildings in London but plummets nearly 20ft after missing his landing

  • Marcio Filipe, 28, attempted to leap from one wall to another when he missed his footing and plummeted 16ft
  • The parkour coach, who has participated in the sport since 2008, had a lucky escape only straining his wrist
  • The area surrounding Waterloo roundabout, where the accident took place, is a popular spot for parkour
  • Despite falling and hurting himself Mr Filipe said he was ‘super stoked with all the attempts and with this save’ 


This is the terrifying moment a parkour coach plummeted almost 20ft after missing the landing point attempting an incredible urban jump.

Marcio Filipe, 28, was attempting to leap across from one wall to another in London when his foot slipped as he landed and he fell backwards onto the concrete floor.

Parkour, also known as freerunning, is a sport where people run, jump and climb from different terrains, such as jumping between buildings.  

Mr Filipe, who lives in Portugal, was attempting a ‘never-done-before’ jump in Waterloo when he failed to land.

Despite plunging 16ft to the concrete he was left with only a sprained wrist.

Fellow parkour fanatic, Alex Steklyannikov, 28, who lives in London, filmed his friend as he was attempting the new move.

He successfully pushed off the first wall to be able to reach the second one.

This is the dramatic moment when Marcio Filipe, 28, tried to jump from one wall in Waterloo, London to another. He ran and successfully launched himself off the first wall. Parkour fanatics regularly meet at this spot to practice their jumps.

A friend waited at the bottom of the wall in case Mr Filipe were to fall off. People were seen filming the stunt in action.

When he landed on the second wall he lost his footing, loosing his balance before falling 16ft below.

After successfully launching himself across the first wall, the parkour coach lost his footing upon landing on the fall, causing him to fall 16ft to the floor. Underneath him, his friend stands with his arms open ready to catch him if he were to slip.

The moment the thrill seeker lost his footing. He is seen grabbing the wall to stop him plunging.

His friend, who was standing by in case he fell, is seen running over to help catch up as Mr Filipe crashes to the ground.

The thrill seeker tried to grab onto the wall before he fell down almost 20ft. He then tumbled to the ground where his friend was seen running at him to try and catch him. The two men crash and fall over onto the floor. Mr Filipe only sprained his wrist.

He said: ‘I absolutely love parkour and have been training for 11 years.

‘In my opinion it is one of few sports that ticks every box for fun, fitness, cardio and mentality. 

‘I want to keep pushing the sport in the right direction by talking about it as something other than reckless.

‘Marcio has attempted this never-been-done move 11 times before this video was captured. The idea is to perform a speed-step over the first wall and land perfectly and stay on the second wall. An extremely difficult and precise move.’

Mr Filipe has been participating in parkour since 2008 while Mr Steklyannikov has been taking part in the thrill-seeking sport since 2012. 

After posting the video on Facebook, Mr Filipe who teaches the sport in Portugal, said: ‘Left ankle was sore from previous attempts and on this attempt on the landing the ankle just gave up and my foot completely slipped forward. 

‘Managed to save myself pretty well mid air and came out with only a bruised wrist. 

‘Still super stoked with all the attempts and with this save.’

The parkour fanatic had a lucky escape after he plummeted 16ft while attempting a Parkour jump in Waterloo, London. He managed to only bruise his wrist by saving himself 'mid-air'. Despite the fall, he said he was 'super stoked with all the attempts and with the save.'

The parkour fanatic had a lucky escape after he plummeted 16ft while attempting a Parkour jump in Waterloo, London. He managed to only bruise his wrist by saving himself ‘mid-air’. Despite the fall, he said he was ‘super stoked with all the attempts and with the save.’

The parkour coach documents all his jumps and thrilling stunts on his Instagram page, which has almost 100,000 followers.

On his page he can be seen leaping from building to building in Santorini, Greece, running over narrow bridges in Porto, Portugal and even flinging himself off buildings in Portsmouth. 

After his fall, Mr Filipe tried to complete the jump again and again. 

On his eleventh try he successfully leaped over the road and onto the second wall. 

In the video he can be seen running before taking a huge jump and landing on the other side. 

Crowds watching him cheered loudly as he walked down the wall to jump off at a lower point. 

This is not the first time, however, that parkour stunts have resulted in nasty accidents.

In 2019, Russian Youtuber Sergey Shorokhov and parkour professional, began to fall from the 25th floor of a building but managed to save himself by grabbing onto electrical cables.

The electric wires shocked him as he pulled himself back onto the rooftop where people came to his aid.

What is Parkour?  

  • Parkour, also known as Freerunning, is a non-competitive sport where people move freely over different terrains 
  • This includes running, jumping and climbing 
  • It was founded in France during the 1980s
  • Its name derives from the French word Parcours meaning route or course, and involves training the body to be able to quickly and efficiently navigate obstacles found in the urban environment. 
  • It’s a sport that reveals one’s physical and mental limits
  •  Parkour UK recongises that, as with all sports, there is a risk to injury that participants should be aware of
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