Mother with dementia bursts into song when she recognises her doting son

Heartwarming moment a mother with dementia bursts into ‘We’ll Meet Again’ when she recognises her doting son after he explains he’s not just a ‘lovely carer’

  • A mother with dementia doesn’t recognise her son during a walk in Australia
  • When the son explains to his mum who he is, she begins to sing a sweet song
  • The son joins in on the tune, and the mum makes up lyrics about her love for him

A son whose mother is living with dementia and didn’t recognise him sung a nostalgic song when she finally realised who he was.

Sebastian was walking with his mother Ingrid in Australia when he had to explain he was her son and not a ‘lovely carer’.

When she recognised him, the loving mother laughed and started singing the 1939 song We’ll Meet Again. 

A son visited his mother (pictured) who is living with dementia, but she didn’t recognise him

The mother and son were strolling along a footpath when Sebastian asked his mum if she knew who he was.

‘You’re a lovely carer,’ said Ingrid while holding onto his arm. 

‘What if I told you I was your son?’ asked Sebastian.  

The mum was confused, thinking her boy was a minder with the same name. She didn’t believe him at first, and said that he merely looked like her son Sebastian.

When mum Ingrid (pictured) realises Sebastian (pictured) is her son, she laughs gleefully

When mum Ingrid (pictured) realises Sebastian (pictured) is her son, she laughs gleefully

When Ingrid realised her child had come to see her, she laughed gleefully and hugged his arm tightly. 

‘I haven’t seen you for a long time, my son,’ she said.

The two then began to sing an improvised version of We’ll Meet Again, a song made famous by English singer Dame Vera Lynn in the 1940s. 

Ingrid showed her love for her son by singing, ‘Ingrid wants to meet Sebastian some sunny day, some sunny day, because Ingrid love Sebastian very much.’


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