‘Multiple injuries’ and people trapped in cars after 100 vehicle pile-up on a Texas freeway

Multiple injuries in 100-car pile-up on Texas freeway after overnight sleet turns roads into ‘sheets of ice’ and crash site runs MILE AND HALF long

  • The Fort Worth Fire Department tweeted about it at around 8am 
  • As many as 100 cars are thought to have smashed into one another and it is being described as a ‘mass casualty’ incident
  • The accident is at 1601 North Freeway in Fort Worth near Dallas 
  • It’s unclear yet if there have been any fatalities
  • Firefighters are going car to car trying to rescue people who are trapped 
  • They are still having difficulty accessing the vehicles because of the ice 

A rescue operation is underway on a Texas freeway after a huge, 100-vehicle pile-up on Thursday morning that happened after overnight sleet turned the roads into ‘sheets of ice’. 

Firefighters are going car to car along Interstate 35 near Fort Worth, trying to find people who urgently need to be rescued. 

It’s unclear yet if anyone has died but first responders are referring to it as a ‘mass casualty’ incident. 

The crash site stretches for 1.5 miles along the freeway and traffic is backed up for miles.   

‘Multiple vehicles involved. Multiple people trapped. More details to follow,’ the post said.

They shared a photo of firefighters trying to gain access to people trapped inside a cargo truck which had smashed into another vehicle. 

Firefighters are having difficulty accessing the vehicles because the road is still so icy. 

The fire department tweeted it on Thursday while firefighters went from car to car trying to rescue people trapped inside


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