Parents share the hilarious lengths they’ve gone to to get their kids to eat 

‘I had to pick off the burger bun’s sesame seeds’: Parents share the desperate lengths they’ve gone to in order for their kids to eat

  • Parents have revealed the things they have done to get their kids to eat dinner
  • One mum said she had to take the seeds off her son’s hamburger bun one by one
  • Others had to wash their children’s food including shiny sausages and pasta  

Parents have revealed the extraordinary lengths they have gone to so their children will eat their dinner – including painstakingly de-seeding a hamburger bun. 

The mum posted a picture of the bun, sitting next to a pile of sesame seeds, on Facebook asking if other parents ever had to go above and beyond at dinner time.

And the post was inundated with comments from some very patient parents.

‘I have had to wash cooked sausages so they don’t shine,’ one mum laughed. 

‘I’ve had to wash pasta sauce off pasta,’ said another. 

Parents have revealed the extraordinary lengths they have gone to so their children will eat their dinner including de-seeding a hamburger bun

‘Last night, I thought I would be clever and cut the crust off the sandwich for my eldest because he doesn’t eat crusts, EVER. He had a melt down because his crusts weren’t there. Moral of the story, I am never going to win,’ one mum wrote.  

Another mum said said she has lost count of her kids’ food quirks but fears she will be peeling the skin from the family’s sausages forever.

While other parents said they have had to take seeds out of strawberries and watermelon. 

The original poster said she would buy plain buns from now on, as other parents commended her for her efforts.

‘I would have just cut a second bun and given him two of the bottoms and had the seed covered bun on both sides for myself rather than picking them all off,’ one mum said.


Would you go to these lengths to get your kids to eat?

  • Yes, they shouldn’t have to eat something they don’t like 3 votes
  • No, they can eat what they are given or go hungry 22 votes

Some said she was pandering to her son.

‘Wouldn’t wash here, eat it or not. Not got time to waste picking food apart,’ one mum said.

‘I don’t really play those games. They eat it or go without,’ agreed another. 

While another said it would be fine if their child didn’t want the seeds but they would have to pick them of themselves. 

Some said they wouldn’t mind picking seeds off the top of a roll for their children.

‘I wouldn’t hesitate to do this for mine, they are only little once, whatever makes them happy and your life easier,’ said another.

One woman said peeling seeds off for a child is nothing too strenuous, compared to what she does for herself. 

The extraordinary lengths parents have gone to for their kids’ dinner

 1 – Peel the batter off a six-pack of nuggets

2 – Take the skin off sausages

3 – Wash the sauce off the pasta

4 – Pick the seeds off a hamburger bun

 5 – Wash cooked sausages so they are not shiny 

6 – De-seed strawberries and watermelon

7- Pick the pineapple off a pizza because she only wants the juice taste 

‘I am 40 years old and I scrape the big strawberry chunks off my toast from the jam, I pick the mushroom bits out of a pot noodle and pick the Red bits of any dried pasta/noodle snack. Also can’t cope with strawberry bits in yoghurts,’ she said. 

Others said their kids’ food quirks have followed them into adulthood.

‘When my son was young and I took him to McDonald’s for tea he would always have chicken nuggets and I use to have to take all the batter off them for him. So fussy. His girlfriend says he’s still like it now and he’s 23 yrs old,’ one mum said. 


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