Passenger hangs out of moving car holding up flat-packed carton

Thinking outside the box? Red-faced passenger hangs out of moving car holding up flat-packed carton after discovering it won’t fit inside

  • Two women were confused to see a woman poking out the rear window of a car 
  • In the clip, recorded in New York, she can be seen clinging on to a large box 
  • Pair, who were in hysterics, think the woman didn’t know how to lower rear seats 

This is the moment a woman had motorists in stitches when they spotted her hanging out of a car window carrying a large cardboard box. 

She was seen with her upper body poking out of the rear window of a black Honda in New York, holding the flat-packed cardboard carton against the door. 

Two women filming the red-faced passenger decided she did not know how to fold down her rear seats to fit the large box inside the car.  

Two women filmed the hilarious movements of the woman in the car

A red-faced woman confused drivers in New York when she hung out the rear window of a car holding onto a flat cardboard box

The video begins with the two women laughing hysterically as they film the young woman’s odd behavior. 

They continue to film her poking her head out the window like a dog, clinging on to the large, flat box as the car picks up speed. 

Joining in with the hilarity and becoming aware the women are filming her she smiles and laughs along with them. 

In the final clip, the pair decide to drive alongside the black car and beep their horn before breaking out in fits of laughter again.

The woman's movements (left) caught the attention of people driving past,

The women who recorded the video were laughing hysterically when they say the woman holding the box and even beeped their horn as they drove past her

The woman’s movements (left) caught the attention of people driving past, included two women who recorded the video (right)

The confused driver said: ‘I was driving along when I saw this girl hanging out of the car holding onto a box. 

‘She mustn’t have known how to fold down the back seats to make it fit.’ 

Sharing the video on Tik Tok, Ava Salerno said: ‘Make this viral to find this girl.’ 

One person replied: ‘I wish I knew what was going on.’

Another said: ‘How did she not let go? I would’ve been too weak from laughter after seeing you hold on.’


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