‘Ruined wedding’ attendee recalls how bride revealed guests had to set up and clean up the venue

Most people see attending a wedding as a chance to unwind and let their hair down, but one group of guests were left reeling to disccover they were expected to set up the venue and clear up afterward – and got no food or drink for their trouble. 

A disgruntled guest, from the US, took to Reddit to give a blow by blow account of the dubious big day, which was then shared to the That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming (non ban-happy edition) group on Facebook.

The unnamed woman explained that the the bride had wanted an ‘easy’ reception, and had her wedding party do most of the work, without providing them with food or drink for most of the day. 

The bride, who also asked five bridesmaid to buy new dresses on the day of the ceremony because she didn’t like the colours, revealed out of the blue she was becoming a Mormon for her new husband, causing her parents and some family members to leave the venue. 

The cherry on top of an already gone-sour day came when remaining guests were told they had to clean up the venue before leaving.  

Commenters were floored by the bride’s actions and said they would never had agreed to cleaning up. 

A wedding guest who attended a ‘ruined wedding’ in the US revealed a bride had her attendees set up and clean up her wedding venue for her, before ambushing them with a dry wedding, and revealing she was becoming a Mormon (stock image)

The guest explained the bride had said she wanted to keep to her budget and ‘easy breezy. 

‘Basically, that just meant the bridal party and guests ate the costs-stress of the wedding,’ she said. 

She recounted how the bride insisted to have a beach wedding in March, leaving the wedding party wearing frilly summer dresses in spite of cold weather. 

The bridesmaids had bought dresses according to a color palette the bride had selected, but on the day, she had a change of heart. 

The attendee said the bride's family were angry with her for 'blindsiding' them and that her father event left the ceremony

The attendee said the bride’s family were angry with her for ‘blindsiding’ them and that her father event left the ceremony 

‘She didn’t like how the dresses looked together so 4/6 bridesmaids were forced to buy new dresses the morning of,’ the guest said. 

She added that by going to buy new dresses out of their own pocket, said bridesmaid missed the bridal brunch they had paid for. 

Things kept on unravelling after vows were exchanged when the wedding party were told they’ have to decorate and set up the reception venue. 

‘This included rolling in tables, setting up chairs, decorating with the beach wildlife, hanging luminaries and setting up food we were told we couldn’t eat yet. 

The guests’s husband had to drive to a nearby McDonald’s to get food for some of the guests because the happy couple left for three hours to get their wedding pictures done, without laying on food.  

After all their efforts, the wedding party then found out the reception was a dry wedding, meaning no alcohol would be served. 

This was because the bride, who used to drink socially, was marrying into a Mormon family and converting for her new husband. The news came as a shock to her loved ones. 

When the post resurfaced online, people said they would never have put up with the bride's demands

When the post resurfaced online, people said they would never have put up with the bride’s demands 

‘No one knew until it was announced at the reception. Her dad and a few guests left angry after making a scene,’ the guest said. 

The guest, who had known the bride for eight years, said she, her husband and a few close friends went for drinks to ‘process’ the events of the day. 

‘As we were leaving, the DJ announced the guests and bridal party were expected to clean up,’ she said.

When the story surfaced online, commenters said they wouldn’t have put up with the bride’s whims.  

‘I can clean my own house and at least I could have a Chardonnay for my troubles,’ one said. 

‘Asking people to help out, dress the venue & help clear up, is perfectly acceptable IF it’s arranged beforehand & those guests are happy/able to help. Bride & Groom totally took advantage of & disrespected their guests,’ another said. 

‘Every time I hear a bride say she’s “laid back”… I know the work is gonna fall on everyone else and/or be a shit show,’ one pointed out. 

‘There is zero chance I would have stuck around to clean up. I don’t care if I was a guest, maid of honor, or mother of the bride…. I would have just noped right out of there,’ another said. 

‘Yeah if a bride told me I had to buy a new dress the day of I would of said I either wear this dress or leave. No way would I buy a new dress,’ one wrote. 

‘The question is why did they all put up with this?! If someone told me to stand outside in winter, in a summer dress, I’d say no. If someone told me to go buy a new dress, I’d say no way unless they pay for it,’ another added.  

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