‘Several’ people are trapped after Amtrak train derails in Montana

BREAKING: ‘Several’ people are trapped after Amtrak train derails in Wyoming

  • Several people are allegedly trapped inside an Amtrak trap after it derailed in Montana 
  • Two cars reportedly separated from the train, leaving cars on their sides 
  • Ambulances are on the scene as crews try to rescue passengers trapped inside  

An Amtrak train has allegedly derailed in Wyoming, leaving passengers trapped.   

Several train cars have derailed from the track, with some lying on their sides, leaving passengers trapped inside. 

Crews are currently setting up ladders on the side of the cars in what appears to be a rescue effort to safely remove passengers. 

Two train cars allegedly separated and slid down a 30 foot embankment.

Ambulances have arrived on scene. It is unknown at this time if there are injuries. 

This is an ongoing story and Daily Mail will continue to update it.  


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