Texas cop fired and arrested for ‘engaging in sexual conduct’ with high school student

A Texas cop who worked as a school resource officer has been fired and arrested after he allegedly had sex with a high school student.

John Hoover, 35, was arrested by his colleagues at the Frisco Police Department north of Dallas after he allegedly had an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with a 17-year-old Frisco ISD student.

The girl had met Hoover in June when she had volunteered at the Junior Police Academy, held at Pearson Middle School in Frisco, according to an arrest warrant obtained by through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Cops said that Hoover had worked for the department since September 2011, but that there was no evidence that any student at the school where he was assigned was a victim.

Officials did not release the name of the school where Hoover worked or the school the student attended.

John Hoover, 35, was arrested by his colleagues at the Frisco Police Department north of Dallas after he allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old Frisco ISD student

Police officials first learned of allegations against Hoover on Sunday and immediately began the investigation. He was fired from his job on Wednesday and was arrested on Friday.

The victim’s father told cops that his ex-wife told him their daughter came home two hours late from work and was ‘acting strange,’ according to the arrest warrant for Hoover obtained by

Her father looked through her phone records and found that one phone number – belonging to Hoover – had called his daughter ‘during all hours of the day and night,’ the warrant reads.

The girl’s father spoke with her and she told him she met Hoover when in June when she volunteered at the Junior Police Academy.

‘Hoover started the conversation in person with sexual jokes, and this grew into him calling and texting her,’ the warrant reads.

‘This relationship grew into a sexual relationship where they had sex on three different occasions at her mother’s house.’

Cops said the girl’s father gave them text messages between his daughter and Hoover ‘in which they discuss not being able to sleep, how “someone” is looking over his shoulder, saying “I love you” to each other, and he calls her “babygirl”.’

At one point, Hoover allegedly told the girl: ‘I know you very well and I need you to know that I care deeply.’

Hoover had worked for the Frisco Police Department, pictured, since September 2011

Hoover had worked for the Frisco Police Department, pictured, since September 2011

Phone records show Hoover, who the girl had saved as ‘Annoying Grandfather’ in her phone, and his alleged victim made 38 phone calls to each other from July 19 through August 7, even talking as long as 143 minutes during one call.

The girl was 16 when those conversations started, according to the warrant.

She was forensically interviewed by the Children’s Advocacy Center of North Texas, in which she recounted Hoover telling her that he had actually met her in 2019 – two years prior to her volunteering with the academy.

‘Hoover told her that he grabbed her a** … by accident and was afraid she was going to tell her father,’ the warrant reads.

Cops said this exchange became a joke between Hoover and his alleged victim, and that he would tell her: ‘Well, I’ve already felt your butt.’

The young girl said Hoover was like her ‘second dad’ and that he even allegedly described his having a vasectomy to her and how painful it was.

In turn, she had allegedly told him that she had a ‘bad home life’ and had been sexually assault in the past, the warrant reads.

Hoover allegedly first initiated sexual contact after he spent five hours with her at a restaurant in Collin County on July 26.

In the car, he allegedly touched her thigh and told her he was nervous and had ‘butterflies.’ Hoover allegedly ‘digitally penetrated her’ that day, the warrant reads.

Hoover and the girl met at another restaurant the next day, where she sat ‘nervous and shaking’ while he ‘joked about the things he wanted to do to her,’ the warrant reads.

They went to the victim’s house where Hoover allegedly began kissing her and taking off her clothes before allegedly performing sex acts on her and then allegedly having sex with her, the warrant reads.

Hoover has denied all the allegations in an interview the detectives.

He was booked into the Denton County Jail and he has been released on a $100,000 bond. The former cop was hit with a felony charge for sexual performance of a child. 

It was not immediately clear what his sentence could be if convicted, or if he could face other charges related to his position as a police officer. 

‘The actions of this individual are not reflective of the great men and women we have serving here at the Frisco Police Department,’ said Chief of Police David Shilson.

‘Through his criminal behavior, this former officer has violated the code of ethics that he swore to uphold. Our best path forward is to demonstrate as a professional law enforcement agency, that we are not hesitant to hold this individual accountable for his actions.’  

Frisco ISD is a large school district with more than 64,000 students in 11 high schools, 17 middle schools, 42 elementary schools and three special programs schools. Most of the high schools serve up to 2,100 students in grades 9-12. has reached out to Frisco ISD for more information and additional comment. 

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