Tradie spotted riding a crocodile like a surfboard in Australian river

‘Most Australian photo EVER’ shows a tradesman wearing hi-vis while riding a monster crocodile like a surfboard with mates in a nearby tinnie

  • Laidback tradie has been spotted standing on a muzzled crocodile in Australia 
  • A barefoot Aussie used a rope as a makeshift lead to manoeuvre the croc
  • The wild image has been dubbed the ‘most Australian photo ever’ by viewers

A laidback tradie has gone head-to-head with a monster crocodile after being spotted riding the dangerous beast like a surfboard on an outback river in Australia. 

The barefoot adventurer seemingly tied rope around the massive reptile’s mouth and made a make-shift lead to manoeuvre the croc in the murky waters. 

The image has claimed the title of ‘the most Australian photo ever’, as the reckless tradesman balances on the crocodile’s back while his mates watch on in a nearby tinnie. 

A laid back tradie gone head-to-head with a dangerous crocodile while riding it like a surfboard in Australia (pictured) 


Is this the most Australian photo ever?

The wild moment has amused viewers on Reddit, with many unsurprised at the Australian’s outback antics. 

‘You know for sure that the last thing he said was “Hold my beer,”‘ one user said. 

‘Glad he was wearing hi-vis… you know for safety,’ another wrote. 

‘This guy takes the Australian surfer cliche to a whole ‘nother level,’ another commented. 

Others sarcastically agreed they had also attempted the absurd stunt as an alternative mode of transportation. 

‘This is how I travel to work in the morning,’ one said. 

‘Mate there are way easier ways to off yourself if you have a death wish, just saying,’ another commented.  


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